Wednesday, April 8th: 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM (CST)

Holistic Farm Planning Workshop Series: 
Building Your Farm Budget

We're condensing all of the information we've shared throughout our series: Soil Analysis, Grow Plan, Harvest Plan, and Distribution Plan and composing it into your Holistic Farm Management Budget for the 2020 Growing Season. Learn about our key budgeting components and find out what USDA and Local TDA Grants are available to help offset costs. Join us for our online webinar featuring Agricultural and Marketing Specialists with a live Q+A session.

Hosted by Canvast Supply Co. Featuring:
Will Tarleton, Director of Agriculture of Canvast Supply Co.
Destiny Young, CVO of Canvast Supply Co.  
William Freeman, TN Dept. of Agriculture 
Additional Speakers TBA

Topics Schedule:

  • Breaking Down Cost of Inputs, Harvest and Post Harvest
  • Offsetting Cost Options with Equipment and Labor Sharing
  • Offsetting Costs with UDSA, TDA Grants and Assistance with William Freeman
  • How to Integrate Your Plan into A Budget
  • Q+A Round Table Discussion with Speaker Panel

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