Wednesday, April 1st: 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM (CST)

Holistic Farm Planning Workshop Series: 
Building Your Grow Plan

When planning for your growing season and building your budget, it's important to understand your holistic goals for your farm's scale and plan for your season ahead in the field, greenhouse or indoor. Join us for our online webinar featuring Agricultural Specialists with a live Q+A session.


Hosted by Canvast Supply Co. Featuring:
Carson Nation, Owner of Chronic Nomad Cannabis Co. 
Rob Mock, Owner of Urban Horticulture Supply and Growing Specialist 
James Knox, Owner of KLR Farms


Topics Schedule:

  • Growing a Full Term Season with Carson Nation
  • Greenhouse Early Harvest with Rob Mock
  • Staggered Harvest Plan with Rob Mock
  • Choosing Your Genetics and Cultivars for Your Goals with James Knox
  • Understanding Plant Stresses and Deficiencies: Defining Eustress and Distress with James Knox
  • Q+A Round Table Discussion with Speaker Panel

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