Industrial Hemp Laws in the state of Virginia

Industrial Hemp Laws in the state of Virginia

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Information sourced from Virginia Department of Agriculture.

Find the Virginia Hemp Dealer License Here:

If you intend to distribute industrial hemp planting seed in Virginia, please review Virginia’s Seed Law and contact VDACS’s Agricultural Commodities Team for additional information on obtaining a Seed Dealers License.

If you intend to bring hemp clones or plants into Virginia, please contact VDACS’s Office of Plant Industry Services to determine whether a phytosanitary certificate is needed to do such.

Virginia's Seed Law:

Virginia’s Seed Law regulates all seeds for agricultural crops, lawn grass, vegetables, flowers and trees. The Office of Plant Industry Services is responsible for ensuring the integrity of seeds sold in Virginia. This is accomplished by reviewing product labels to make sure seeds sold in Virginia are labeled properly. Samples of seeds are collected by inspectors and tested in the Office of Plant Industry Services’ Seed Laboratory. Seeds are tested for purity, trueness to variety, noxious weeds and germination. If laboratory tests find the product is misbranded or adulterated because it fails to meet its label guarantees or contains prohibited or restricted noxious weed seeds, the product is prohibited from further distribution in Virginia until it is brought into compliance with the law.

VDACS has issued information to assist industrial hemp growers in identifying pesticide products that may be used on hemp crops grown in Virginia.

Information regarding VDACS’s pesticide product registration process and currently registered pesticides is available here. Please contact VDACS’s Office of Pesticide Services if you have questions regarding pesticide use in Virginia.


Plan to Regulate Hemp Production in Virginia:

2020 Hemp Program

Until Oct. 31, 2020, VDACS will administer a 2014 federal Farm Bill hemp program. During the 2020 growing season, VDACS will regulate hemp production much like it did during the 2019 growing season.
If you want to grow hemp in 2020:

  • Apply for an Industrial Hemp Grower Registration.  These are annual registrations that expire one year from the date of issuance. Please make sure to review the Registration Guide prior to submitting an application. There is no deadline to apply.
  • Submit a planting report within 14 calendar days after planting.
  • VDACS will select hemp production fields for sampling using a risk and random system. If your production field is selected, a VDACS inspector will contact you by the end of September 2020.  
  • As it has in previous years, VDACS will continue to assess compliance using a hemp crop’s post-decarboxylation delta-9 THC (aka Total THC).  The THC concentration of your hemp crop may not exceed 0.3 percent Total THC.

VDACS will alert Registered Industrial Hemp Growers to any significant changes to the 2020 Industrial Hemp Program and will update this page accordingly.

Grower Resources:

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