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Canvast's Genetic Sourcing and Plant Performance

Authorized Distrubutor of KLR Farm Genetics

Our goal is to offer stable genetics direct from breeders, who have focused specifically on developing varieties suited for; market demands, federal and state compliance, vigorous field performance, and analytical based selections. 

We understand that having a successful season starts with having the right genetics for your farm that align with your market goals for selling your crop to an end-user with a net-profit. Farming can get expensive quickly, When you agree to work with Canvast Supply Co., you are getting an experienced team that caters to our sales for your specific needs and personal goals. Our commitment to providing you services to raise healthy, profitable plants and products, begins again when we see you season after season.

This season, we are offering Certified Organic seedling starts and clones, provided by seasoned plant producers with experience in vegetable and fruit propagation.

We listened to our feedback from previous seasons and determined that the '1020' 72 cell trays were the most efficient for space, height, stability and had the least attrition rate.  Our plants will be 4” - 6” tall, with 4 to 5 leaf sets, fully rooted, a 4 to 6-week Integrated Pest Management regimen and hardened-off on the day of pick-up.  

Together, we can further the stability of the hemp market space by starting off with solid genetics that leads to successful harvests for the growers. We want to connect our clients with the best quality possible at affordable prices. We will continue to source unique plant profiles from trustworthy breeders as markets and policies evolve.

Together, we will produce results that meet consumer safety, enhance land-use and meet state and federal guidelines. We will continue to grow farmers that can rely on a trusted source for farm optimization and supply-chain resources.  We will always consider your feedback, and seek to provide the best of the best!

Your Team,

CANVAST Supply Company