Hemp Day on The Hill

Hemp Day on The Hill

A re-cap of Tennessee's Hemp Day on the Hill and how your voice can help build the hemp industry.

We had another successful Hemp Day on the Hill this legislative session! Brought to you by the Tennessee Growers Coalition and Tennessee Hemp Industries Association, Hemp Day on the Hill, offered an opportunity for constituents to engage with their legislative representatives about the importance of continuing to create an economically viable, accessible and safe hemp industry. Our presence at the Legislation was well received with positive feedback on our professionalism, respectful dialogue and knowledge of the subject matter. We helped over 50 citizens coordinate close to 20 total scheduled personal meetings with their representatives in two days.

Our goals for this legislative session included three Bills focused on Consumer Protections (HB 2054/SB 1944), Constitutional Protections (HB 0274/SB 0279) and Hemp Defining Tax Exemptions (HB 1853/SB 2059).

Consumer Protection Bill would protect consumers relying on legal full-spectrum hemp products. As introduced, prohibits the revocation of parole, probation, bail, adverse employment action, or denying certain benefits, of State employees, based on urine drug tests resulting in testing positive for THC metabolites below a certain level. This bill would not protect federal employees or private employers.

Constitutional Protection Bill would prohibit law enforcement from using the odor, or “the smell of hemp”, as primary probable cause to subject individuals to search and seizures, and adds, hemp, or hemp-derived products from being subject to scheduling as a controlled substance or, asset forfeiture.

Tax Exemption Bill specifies and defines that hemp products marketed and designed as smokable products, are not tobacco, not a cigarette, or a tobacco substitute, and are not subject to tobacco taxes.

The Tennessee Growers Coalition and the Tennessee Hemp Industries Association promote the continued success of our hemp industry through advocacy, political action and advising regulatory agencies. To be most effective, we strongly encourage all citizens to vote for elected officials that support the safety, compliance, marketability and economic growth for all participants. Learn who your representatives and senators are and tell them you support furthering the hemp industry! If you would like to donate or join either of these two supporting organizations, please visit their websites. If you are interested in effective political action, we encourage you to use your voice and vote! Not registered to vote? Registering is as simple as clicking on the link below.


Canvast Supply Co. is a proud member of the Tennessee Hemp Industries Association and a sponsor of the Tennessee Growers Coalition.

Learn more about the TGC and the TNHIA at www.tngrowerscoalition.com and www.tnhia.org


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