Introducing our Alabama Partnership with The WEMP Company and CREEK LEEF 1817 to Serve our Alabama Farmers

Introducing Canvast Supply Company, based in Nashville, TN with the focus of seeing farmers thrive in the evolving and growing industry of Hemp production. Majority Female Founded, we’re elated to tote 70+ collective years of our 5 founder’s experience in the Cannabis Industry.

Canvast offers products across the board, For Hemp Farmers, For Hemp Connoisseurs, For Brands,  and For Extractors alike. For Farmers, Canvast Supply Company would like to introduce our catalog of available seeds, clones, and plant starts for the 2020 growing season as well as our expertly chosen Integrated Pest Management products and growing materials for your farm's success.

 Along with competitive pricing, both compliance and stability for outdoor production have been selected for in our varieties that come directly from the breeders and farmers themselves. We have some amazing genetics that will set your crop apart from the rest.  Whether you are growing for outdoor biomass production, or top-shelf greenhouse and indoor, we have unique varieties that will provide the right performance for your needs.

We are proud to associate with THE WEMP COMPANY and CREEK LEAF 1817 to help deliver our brand and expertise to the Alabama hemp industry.  Together, with WEMP and CREEK LEAF, we deliver over 250 years of business, farming, nursery and problem solving experience.  Our hand chosen cultivars are now available for in-state pickup. We’re looking forward to assisting Alabama in building a robust, trustworthy hemp industry with our partnership’s and team’s years of unparalleled experience.

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Combine your purchase of plants with our Holistic Hemp Farming Handbook and Interactive Budget Spreadsheets, and you will have all the information you need to produce a successful money-saving and time-saving crop.


Feel free to reach out to us personally or any of our other hemp resource agents on staff and we will help you fine-tune your future project. Email us at 

Give us a call at (615) 219-9141 or fill out our form online to request a quote and receive 10% off your order with code: CREEKLEAF10
Sweet Grass Hemp Clones

Sweet Grass was selected from a large population as being the strongest phenotype in terms of overall vigor, yield, branch strength, and early resin production. With cool temperatures, this phenotype finishes purple with hints of red. Rapid trichome development will require the farmer to monitor THC levels and harvest on time.

Spectrum Hemp Clones

Spectrum creates a beautiful smokable flower. Flavor notes include sweet and floral. Purple undertones when reached full maturity. Broad use for extraction purposes. Resinous flower with 35:1 CBD to THC Ratio

Otto Hemp Clones

Otto is a vigorous and stable strain. In a controlled environment, flowering happens within 70 - 77 days. Flowers reach their peak resin level between September and October. The flower features lavender and minty scent, with subtle fruity notes.


Upcoming Plant Pick-Up Dates from our  Alabama Partner Farms:

Interested in picking up your plants?
Our dates currently include 8 weeks of Thursdays and Fridays and can be requested when placing your order.


May 28th - 29th
June 4th - 5th
June 11th - 12th
June 18th - 19th
June 25th - 26th
July 2nd - 3rd
July 9th - 10th


Canvast has carefully curated our catalog of options for the novice and the experience hemp farmers in the South East 
Choosing the right genetics is one of the most important steps in your growing plan, we have properly vetted and built relationships with breeders who we believe produce not only reliable cultivars but have also approached the growth of this industry with responsibility. 


Focused on Quality before Quantity 
Our team of professionals will be your Hemp Resource Agents throughout the growing and harvest season should you need guidance along the way.
We look forward to growing together!