Product Review: Centurion Original & Silver Bullet Trimmer

Product Review: Centurion Original & Silver Bullet Trimmer

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Machine bud trimmers give you the advantage of saving large amounts of both time and money during harvest season. The Centurion Original and Silver Bullet Trimmers are well known and well proven as the best in the Cannabis industry by top farmers across the states. These trimmers allow you to spend less time worrying about getting your precious flower to market by cutting out the need for countless hours of human trimming labor. Both the Original, and Silver Bullet trimmers can replace up to 60 human workers, and trim 75lb of wet buds(or 15lb dry buds) per hour. It doesn’t take a lot of math to imagine how much it costs to pay 60 laborers to trim buds!


Technical Specs

The Centurion Silver Bullet Bud Trimmer is essentially an enhanced form of the Centurion Original Trimmer with a silencer, and Military Spec Bluetooth Stereo added for much quieter use. Both trimmers use the same system for cutting, which is a barrel-shaped tumbler system where the bud is sent through tumblers connected to a 3 horsepower vacuum. The buds will stay in the rotating barrels with the leaves being cut by sharp blades. This will continue until there are no leaves left and gravity and/or more buds push the product further down the barrel into your preferred containers at the other end. 

A great feature of  these trimmers is that the vacuums are connected to a 3 stage medical grade filtration system for catching fine trim, keif, and fine keif.  After each session they can be emptied out and processed or sold separately on the market. This makes sure that every Cannabinoid and trichome ends up back in your possession without the fear of loss to the machine! You can also upgrade to Quantanium Tumblers, which are made with a safe non-stick coating,  allowing you to clean less and trim faster.  This is similar to how a teflon pan works when cooking in your kitchen. Technical specifications of both trimmers are listed below:

  • Enhanced Trichome Preservation (up to 40% more compared to other trimmers)
  • Heavy Duty Steel and Anodized Aluminum used on all components 
  • 11 Hardened Steel Cutting Blades to ensure the most precise cuts
  • 304 Stainless Steel Tumblers - Can last a lifetime
  • When connected to a 120v outlet, both trimmers can do 37,500 cuts per minute.
  • Adjustable Diverter to fine tune air flow and speed up/slow down your trimming to fit your desired bud quality
  • Extra large hoppers to minimize reloading the machine
  • Both are extremely lightweight (thanks to aluminum body parts) and very easy to clean for their size. The machine can be completely disassembled and cleaned in less than 15 minutes to allow cleaning on the fly whenever you need.
  • All Centurion Bud Trimmers come with sets of both WET and DRY tumblers to use based on your harvest preferences.
  • Input: 7Amp – 110V NA 3.5Amp – 220V EU/AUS for the Bud Trimmer + 15Amp – 220V NA/EU/AUS for the Leaf Collection Sytem (blower)
  • Bud Trimmer Dimensions: 30″ x 13″ x 28″ - 90lbs 
  • Tumbler Specs: 30” x 6.5”
  • 10 year warranty on the trimmer, 3 year warranty on the leaf collection system (blower) 

Recommendations “Pro Tips”

The most important thing to consider when using Centurion Silver Bullet and Original bud trimmers for hemp flowers, is that they were designed with Marijuana plants in mind. The flowers on hemp are still much less sticky and dense than Marijuana flowers due to being decades behind in breeding. This causes the trimmers to work a little bit more slowly, so always be patient with dialing in your trimming system upon first use before you try to really push numbers. 

The best way to figure out your speed and optimal trim level is to load small amounts at a time, playing around with the different airflow settings and rate of dropping flowers in. If buds are sticking inside the tumblers for too long, a great trick is to simply pull off the removable plastic tumbler cover while trimming. This decreases vacuum suction and allows the buds to move down the tumblers much faster. Sometimes we just periodically prop it open for 10-20 seconds every so often to keep things moving. Another recommendation to speed up movement is to try using a couple of wood blocks or something similar to mount the wheels on the hopper side of the bud trimmer a little higher than the exit side.

Each bud variety and dryness level of those buds will determine how well that it moves and cuts in the machine. Sometimes we do a quick pass for an initial light trim, then do a second pass for a slower and more refined cut. Experimentation will be the key to optimization!

The use of a bucking machine can also help speed up this process and make it much easier in the long run. Buckers strip the flowers from the stalks before trimming and save you even more human labor costs as bucking can be nearly as time consuming as trimming.  In addition to that, we like to always make sure to have the most optimized system for storing hemp flowers at the perfect temperature and humidity by using dehumidifiers and precise monitoring. 

This may all sound tedious and intimidating; however,  it will help save both time, money, and the quality of your harvest. Proper trimming and storing practices help prevent things like mold, terpene degradation, and cannabinoid oxidation during both pre-trim and post-trim storage. There is nothing worse than putting all of the work in to get your flower harvested only to have major losses due to improper storage or handling!

Quality Assurance

Here at CANVAST, we take product quality assurance seriously. We always aim to keep our standards high and work hard to serve you with products you can trust.

That’s why our Hemp Resource Agents are on-call ready to help with your growing needs. We want each farmer to feel supported as if they have their own consultant, on-call, that leads them through their growing season and post-harvest solutions. Our Hemp Resource Team can suggest Integrative Pest Management Solutions and the Nutrients/Amendments you need for a successful harvest.

Machine bud trimmers can be costly, but the up-front cost can be recouped quickly in money saved from not having to hire, train, and pay trimmers. The amount of time saved by using a machine bud trimmer may even get your flower more value by getting it to market that much faster. The Cannabis market is one that craves the latest and best flower. The Centurion Original and Silver Bullet trimmers are proven to be the finest on the market for machine trimming and will certainly give any farmer or processor a cutting edge on the Cannabis market (pun intended). Be sure to plan ahead by making sure you purchase your equipment early and test out your trimming operations before you get overwhelmed by harvesting. As mentioned before, bucking machines can also make a world of difference on both time and labor when it comes to the process between harvesting and trimming. Whether you buy a machine bud trimmer and bucker together or separately, they make for an incredible combination and can be the key to make processing a breeze.  The next step after trimming is to cure, store, and sell so buying a machine trimmer is also the perfect time to get your dehydrator and flower storage options in place! Be sure to check our latest offerings on harvest equipment and stay ahead of the competition. 


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