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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Growing Hemp

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From Purdue University's Hemp Program

1. Do you have any crop production experience?
This could be any number of crops. As a general rule of thumb, melon and vegetable growers (or other specialty crops, floriculture) seem to be more equipped when it comes to CBD hemp production. Grain and fiber fit in with row crop or forage equipment.

2. What type of hemp do you want to grow?
Grain, fiber, dual-purpose, or CBD (or other cannabinoids, CBG is the next “big” one)

3. Do you have equipment, land, labor, etc.?
If not, have you figured out a plan to rent, purchase, or modify equipment?If producing hemp for cannabinoids (i.e. CBD production) identify and secure labor. This can be a very intense crop to produce and is more similar to horticultural crop production than row crop production.

4. Have you identified seed or clone sources?
Finding a reputable source for feminized seeds within the hemp industry is a must. To learn the questions you should ask when vetting a seed provider, please check out our  Questions To Ask Your Seed Dealer blog. 

5. Have you identified any buyers?
If you have, ask about getting a letter of intent, buyback agreement, or contract.

6. Do you have a crop production/management plan?
There are some e-guides that discuss production and you can find production information on the Purdue Hemp site Here are some of the other resources I like to use;

7. Have you attended any hemp events within or outside of your state?
If not, please visit our Hemp Event Resources page.

8. Have you developed a cost of production budget?
Please see the enterprise budget models from 
University of Kentucky:

University of Tennessee:

9. Are you familiar with rules and regulations in the state when it comes to licensing, violations, and pesticide use?  Please visit to learn more.

Contact Canvast Supply Co. 

If you have any questions on growing hemp, the hemp growing process, or anything related to hemp growing in Nashville, TN don’t hesitate to reach out to Canvast Supply Co. One of our Hemp Growing professionals would be happy to assist you.

If you’re interested, we can give you a detailed rundown of our industry-tested farming equipment, planning resources, post-harvest solutions, and, of course, supplies that have left individuals and businesses alike more than satisfied.


Interested in growing hemp? Ten questions to ask others or yourself.” Marguerite Bolt, Purdue University,


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