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Hemp Farming Resources


Hemp Farming  Resources for your farm planning and budgeting needs to help you assess your upcoming growing season and post harvest plan.

The CANVAST Team believes continuous education is what it takes to keep up with this fast-evolving plant and industry. We have taken the time to write our own workbook as well as offer other resources for you to absorb.

In our Holistic Farm Planning Workbook, we cover topics like - how long does it take to grow hemp, Possible hemp farming profit per acre, understanding if it is better to grow hemp indoors, greenhouse or outdoors for your project, growing for high-quality indoor hemp flower vs. growing for high volume hemp biomass for extraction, review of some essential Industrial Hemp Farming Equipment, hemp farming field preparation and much more. Hemp farming can be as simple or complex as you make it. Knowing where to start and what questions to ask yourself will help you set realistic expectations and have many successful hemp harvests. Explore our website and you will see we have curated options for you starting with reliable genetics all the way through our favorite products and IPM solutions for the new hemp farmer and scaling hemp farmers.