For Farmers

We Grow Farmers

Providing high CBD cultivars as both feminized hemp seeds and certified organic clones, including all of the products you'll need to successfully grow your operation and high-quality plants. Whether you're starting your own seeds or cutting your own clones, we've got the growing medium and the equipment to assist you in your operation. We also offer products to help you with your Integrative Pest Management solutions. Canvast Supply Co. offers Beneficial Bugs, Pest Mangementment foliar sprays, and multi-purpose cleaning products to get your plants back on track. 

When your industrial hemp plants are ready for harvest, we supply our favorite products: For Trimming, For Bucking, and For Storage. From prized Chickamasa trimming scissors to the right bags to store your premium high-grade CBD flower. 
For indoor and greenhouse growing, we've chosen a selection of growing environment products to make your controlled growing a success. From irrigation to lighting and everything in between. Interested in building your grow operation from the ground up? We're proud to partner with Forever Flowering Greenhouses for your light-dep growing needs. Interested in a multi-harvest year? Learn more about light-dep growing and reach out to us for your custom quote on a Forever Flower Greenhouse.