Shifters Delta-8 Vegan Gummies
Shifters Delta-8 Vegan Gummies
Shifters Delta-8 Vegan Gummies
Shifters Delta-8 Vegan Gummies

Canvast Supply Co.

Shifters Delta-8 Vegan Gummies

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A Tropical Mix of Kiwi, Green Apple and Lemon

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Shifters Delta-8 Vegan Gummies

10 Count

Canvast Supply Co.

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Our Shifters™ Delta-8 Vegan Gummies feature our highest potency of Delta-8 with 30mg. Shifters™ for a well-deserved shift. Flavors include a mix of Kiwi, Green Apple, and Lemon gummies. Made with vegan and organic ingredients.

Shifters™ highlights our Delta-8 THC blended products utilizing unique supporting ingredients. Shifters™ effects may increase a sense of euphoria. They are perfect to shift your perspective and are sure to bring the party. Shifters™ can be used any time of day to spark giddiness, and provide an increase in creativity, some also use Shifters™ for deep rest.

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Meet Our Shifters™ Gummies

Flavors include kiwi, green apple and lemon.
1-2 hour time release with 3-5 hour experience.
30mg of Delta-8 per gummy.
A good-for-you gummy.

Find Your Feel

Shift Your Perspective

Shifters™ highlights our Delta-8 and Delta-9 blends. Euphoric in feel, Shifters™ Delta-8 and Delta-9 are perfect to shift your perspective and are sure to bring the party. Shifters™ effects may include euphoria, giddiness, and an increase in creativity.


Delta-8 THC

Delta-8 THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in cannabis. Delta-8 THC is classified as an isomer of CBD and Delta-9 THC. An isomer is a compound with the same formula but a different arrangement of atoms and different properties. Exists naturally in small quantities but can be produced by converting CBD or Delta 9 THC via a chemical reaction typically using heat, altered pH environments, and/or solvents via an exothermic reaction. The chemical differences between the two forms of THC are very small but they interact with your brain very differently.


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No Secrets Here

Every batch goes through rigorous testing. Third-party lab tests are available via QR code on every Canvast product, just focus your phone camera on the QR code and the results will pop up.

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