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Hemp Genetics

We're proud to offer the best performing strains from our preferred Genetics Partners, for both indoor cultivation and outdoor field cultivation.

Hemp can be grown in many different ways - from Indoor, Greenhouse to Outdoor, all with varying ranges of style within each category. Our hemp seed genetic offering offers options for all styles of growing. Indoor growing can offer you the opportunity to grow a higher-end boutique style for smokable flower and craft extracts while outdoor allows for high volume production of biomass for CBD oil extraction as well as selecting tops for smokables. No matter what style you intend to do we offer you the right selection of Industrial Hemp Seeds and Certified Organic Clones for the project. Because seeds and clones are only the beginning, we also offer you all the supplies and educational support you will need throughout the season. Please visit our blog to learn more about the different styles of growing and which may be best for you.

Featuring genetics from KLR Farms, Triangle Hemp, Colorado CBD, and HiLo Seeds.