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KLR #4 (Sour Grapes) Feminized Hemp Seeds

Seed Count

CANVAST Supply Co. is proud to now carry the full lineup of KLR genetics for the South-East region. 

Premium High CBD Feminized Seed

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Dominant Terpene Profiles: Myrcene, Caryophyllene, others
Harvest: 6-9 weeks indoor / Early to Mid October Outdoor/Field/Full season

Palate: Pine, Sweet Gas Citrus. A mellow but very complex flavor.

Grower's Notes

This cultivar has been a very even and consistent commercial crop production plant all around. It is easy to grow and has been a proven success for multiple seasons. It is one of our most versatile strains and is applicable to all types of cultivation technique making it a great selection for any style farmer. It has also been typically what we would call a gassy terpene profile accented with hints of pine and citrus overtones. When field planted it is recommended to use a 5’x5’ or 6’x6’ spacing as they can get big. For whole-plant harvest the ratio of trunk/stem/ petiole/flower we consistently see an 8-12.5% total cannabinoid homogenized value. For raw flower biomass, we consistently see a 10-14% total cannabinoid value with our highest value lab test coming in at 15.23% total cannabinoid to date. Total THC compliant flower found through our own field and laboratory testing. We recommend that you always test throughout the season to monitor the chemical values of plant tissue.


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