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Alpen Gleaux Auto Feminized Hemp Seeds


Pink Kush X Miss B  (Feminized Selfing)
Sativa Dominant
Vintage 2021

This fast, purple wonder originated from Thomas Swanson, High Alpine Genetics, who had stabilized a unique exotic hybrid Auto in feminized form. Chosen from 40,000 the most vigorous growing, deepest purple colors, fastest flowering, and most savory peppery and lemon terpenes, this S1 cross is like nothing the hemp fields have seen before! The stability expressed in this first generation of self-crossed offspring is beating the curve. In-house test proves out of 4000 popped no herms or males!  Semi Dense deep purple buds dotted with bright orange hairs.  This Auto fares best in arid climates year-round and performs best in the early season of a southern humid environment.  Late season flowers in humid regions are susceptible to molds and mildews.

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*When you purchase seeds, you will be automatically sent a Material Transfer Agreement to your email inbox -  which must be signed and submitted with a copy of your cultivation permit before your seeds will ship. We can not release your seeds until we have BOTH of these things. If you have any trouble please reach out to us directly: None of the genetics we distribute are for the purpose of seed multiplication, creation of new hybrid lines derived from MATERIAL, inbreeding of MATERIAL, for resale or barter, or cloning of MATERIAL, or for any use that is illegal. You will be required to sign a Material Transfer Agreement ahead of your order shipping.

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Compliance:Total T Compliant Flower, D9 < 0.3 

Cannabinoid Potential: Full Plant biomass  8%, Trimmed flower 10%

Terpenes: Coming Soon

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Light CycleAutoflower

Growing Habits: Bud to stem ratio is 10% more than other strains.  Must be direct-seeded.  Will perform well as long as it is getting fed, not picky about what eats.  Do not cut a leaf or top or attempt to train or trellis.  Grows vigorously from 6 inches at week two to 1.5 ft by week 3 full of white fuzzy buds!  By week 4  full of full-on buds!  On day 60 always Total T compliant, by Day 85 will be 0.4 total T. Terpene expressions best at 72 days.

Plant Spacing: 2’ planting density up to 14 in spacing

Harvest Time: 72 days from direct seeding.

Harvest Volume: 80 -120g per plant of smokable flower

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Alpen Gleaux Auto Feminized Hemp Seeds