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KLR C5 (Gas Hemp) Feminized Hemp Seeds


Indica Dominant
2020 Vintage, Easy to Grow

This is our standout selection when it comes to the farmers looking for that pure gas terpene profile. This cultivar has been a standout for the incredible aroma and terpene profiles that are all fuel and gas dominant. As the plant matures into full flower the aroma gets stronger and stronger. This plant is consistently smaller in physical size as its Indica dominant and is usually recommended to be planted on a 4’x4’ or 5’x5’ spacing in the field. It has been an ultra-strong performer in an indoor cultivation setting and also shines in greenhouse applications. The growth pattern is compact, dense, upright, and extremely efficient flower to stem/stalk/leaf ratio making it a great whole plant mechanical harvest option as well. For whole-plant harvest the ratio of trunk/stem/petiole/flower we consistently see a 10-12.5% total cannabinoid homogenized value. For raw flower biomass, we consistently see a 14-18% total cannabinoid value with our highest value lab test coming in at 21.57% total cannabinoids. We love this cultivar for premium smokable production. 

For Seeds To Be Shipped 

*When you purchase seeds, you will be automatically sent a Material Transfer Agreement to your email inbox -  which must be signed and submitted with a copy of your cultivation permit before your seeds will ship. We can not release your seeds until we have BOTH of these things. If you have any trouble please reach out to us directly: orders@canvastsupplyco.com None of the genetics we distribute are for the purpose of seed multiplication, creation of new hybrid lines derived from MATERIAL, inbreeding of MATERIAL, for resale or barter, or cloning of MATERIAL, or for any use that is illegal. You will be required to sign a Material Transfer Agreement ahead of your order shipping.

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Compliance: Non-detectable Delta 9, D9 < 0.3

Cannabinoid Potential: For whole-plant harvest 10-12.5%, For raw flower biomass 16 - 22%, For trimmed mature flower 25%

Terpenes: Myrcene, Humulene, Caryophyllene

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Light CycleFull-term late - perfect plant to round out a staggered harvest when drying space is limited.

Growing Habits: Upright growth habit with short floral internodes strong on its own under the weight of rainfall and or high wind. Later to start flowering than our other varieties. Great for Southern latitudes and humid environments.

Plant Spacing: Transplants 2’ x 3’ in arid regions. Transplants 5’ x 5’ in humid southern latitudes.

Harvest Time: 8 weeks indoor / Early to Mid-October Outdoor/Field/Full season 

Harvest Volume: Variable

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KLR C5 (Gas Hemp) Feminized Hemp Seeds