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KLR #6 (The Mint) Feminized Hemp Seeds


Chinese seed X Swiss Sue x Otto
Sativa Dominant, F1 Polyhybrid S1
2020 Vintage, Easy to Grow

Boutique indoor or greenhouse production champion. After 4 generations of selection, this top-shelf champ rocks bag appeal with resin-rolled rocks. Also selected because of its high concentrations of oil on the leaf tissue surface, makes this a power house for a biomass crop! Minty and earthy with clove and eucalyptus overtones, accented with hints of pine.

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Compliance:Total T Compliant Flower, D9 < 0.3

Cannabinoid Potential: For whole-plant harvest 11-13%, For raw flower biomass 14 - 18%, For trimmed mature flower 22%

Terpenes: Borneol, Pinene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Humulene, Camphene

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Light CycleFull-term late - perfect plant to round out a staggered harvest when drying space is limited.

Growing Habits: The upright growth habit allows for dense planting in arid climates. The flower structure is medium to long internode spacing that fills in to make large connecting colas makes this a very heavy yielding plant in any growing conditions.

Plant Spacing: Transplants 5’ x 6’ in humid climates. Recommended 2’ x 2’ spacing in an arid climate.

Harvest Time: For Outdoor/Full-Season, early to mid-October. 9 weeks Indoor.

Harvest Volume: Heavy Yielding

KLR #6 (The Mint) Feminized Hemp Seeds