CBD and Delta-9 Lollipops with Functional Mushrooms

CBD and Delta-9 Lollipops with Functional Mushrooms

Delicious, Balanced, and Functional.

Experience a new and improved Sublingual. We’ve developed CBD and Delta-9 Lollipops with a faster on-set effect than other edibles, with perfectly balanced ratios of beneficial terpenes and functional mushrooms. You can find whatever vibe you want, day or night, with our sublingual lollipops.
*Always made with the finest vegan and organic ingredients.

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Function Forward Ingredients

More Than Just Cannabinoids

We believe the power of cannabis is beautifully amplified by other function forward plant-derived ingredients. These function forward ingredients, classified as nootropics are widely known to improve cognitive function or to promote relaxation, particularly boosting mood, executive functions, attention, memory, creativity, and motivation. Our products are mindfully crafted with the balance of science and nature to help you Find Your Feel™ at any time of the day.

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