Twister Ultraclean System, 240v, 1p, 60hz, T2/T4
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Twister Ultraclean System, 240v, 1p, 60hz, T2/T4


The Twister UltraClean cleans one trimmer in 15 minutes* versus 120 mins by hand! Even better, that fifteen minutes is a fully automated self-clean with the Siemens one touch panel. Now you can set the timer and go tackle another task in between cycles.

  • 125G / 470L tank capacity
  • 4KW Ultrasonic Power @ 28KHz
  • Powered lift, 100kg capacity
  • 7” Siemens touch screen panel
  • Full circulation and filtration system, with oil skimmer
  • 304 Stainless Steel interior and exterior shell
  • 2x 304 Stainless Steel cleaning baskets
  • Locking casters for easy mobility
  • 50 micron filter
  • Automated filter change warning

*Please call us directly for availability on this product 615-219-9141

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