AzaMax (Azadirachtin)

  • $32.85

AzaMax is a natural insecticide, miticide, and nematicide made from Neemazal® Technical (Purest Azadirachtin technical of highest concentration in the world). This is extracted from the neem seed kernel, through patented extraction technology. AzaMax® works systemically to provide greater bio-efficacy against a broad spectrum of Insect-Pests including foliar sucking and defoliating insect-pest complex, mites and soil-borne insectpests & nematodes. AzaMax® formulation possesses important features such as UV stability and shelf stability of 2 years. AzaMax® is OMRI listed and licensed in all 50 states.

Multiple modes of action help manage insect-pests during various stages of growth, prevents resistance build up in the insects, pest resurgence and help managing resistant pest.

  • Broad spectrum activity: greater bio-efficacy against foliar sucking and defoliating insectpest complex, mites, and soil-borne insect-pests & nematodes
  • Translaminar action: effective on sucking/substrate feeding insects
  • OMRI listed for Organic gardening
  • Ideal fit for IPM & IRM program
  • Synergist: excellent tank-mix partner for new/old chemistry molecules / microbial
  • Safe to pollinators, parasites, predators, earthworms and soil microbes
  • Safe to environment, human, and pets