First Class CBG Certified Organic Hemp Clones

  • $360.00

First Class: CBG genetics are new and will take continued work to become more stable. We recommend farmers looking to explore growing this cannabinoid to start small and stick with clones to avoid the auto/herm tendencies until seed production has a few more seasons to develop. 

PLEASE NOTE: COA Values range greatly based on many growing condition variables that influence these ratio values: latitude, nutrient program, weather conditions, soil composition, the timing of the harvest, methods for processing drying and storing or processing of the flower.

Grower's Notes

Field Structure: Upright structure with dense frosty buds.
Planting Density: 1,500 - 1,800 per acre recommended, 4'x4' or 5'x5' spacing. 
Flowering Time: Outdoor expect early - mid September. Indoor/Greenhouse - 6 to 7 week flower. 

Clone Pricing:

Pricing for this product is priced per tray. One tray holds 72 plants with plants ranging from 4-6" in height. 

Please select the ordering amount range you'll be purchasing in and input your number of trays you are wanting to order. 

The higher the volume of the order, the better pricing we can offer on our clones. 

At the moment, the order minimum is 1 tray.