Meritage (Chardonnay x Cherry Wine) Certified Organic Hemp Clones

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Meritage (Chardonnay x Cherry Wine) produces beautiful purple flowers dotted with pink pistils. A sativa dominant phenotype that grows into enormous bushes that may be the most beautiful plants in the field. It’s airy bud structure will make this a good choice for farmers in humid areas, where bud bold may be an issue. Meritage’s late finishing characteristics make it the perfect plant variety to round out a staggered harvest when drying space is limited. 

PLEASE NOTE: COA Values range greatly based on many growing condition variables that influence these ratio values: latitude, nutrient program, weather conditions, soil composition, the timing of the harvest, methods for processing drying and storing or processing of the flower.

Grower's Notes:

Potential CBD: 10-15%

Field Structure: Large, bushy plants with airy bud structure. Good choice for humid regions.
Planting Density: 1,500 - 1,800. Plan to give this strain more room than other varieties. 
Flowering Time: For Outdoor, expect early October harvest. For Indoor/Greenhouse, 7-8 weeks. 

Clone Pricing:

Pricing for this product is priced per tray. One tray holds 72 plants with plants ranging from 4-6" in height. 

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