KLR #3 (Orange Peel) Feminized Hemp Seeds

  • $275.00

CANVAST Supply Co. is proud to now carry the full lineup of KLR genetics for the South-East region. 

Premium High CBD Feminized Seeds

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Dominant Terpene Profiles: Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Limonene, others
Suggested Harvest: 8 weeks indoor / Early August-October (depends on planting date) Outdoor/Field/Full season

Palate: A pungent, complex and aggressive citrus orange peel with sweet skunky overtones. 


Grower's Notes

This is an early flowering cultivar. Proven to be mold resistant depending on planting dates this strain can be harvested as soon as August. The upright growth habit and the flower structure due to short internodes make this a heavy yielding plant but allow for an easy mechanical harvest. For whole-plant harvest the ratio of trunk/stem/ petiole/flower is very desirable and we consistently see a 10-12.5% total cannabinoid homogenized value. For raw flower biomass, we consistently see a 14-18% total cannabinoid value. Orange Peel is a winner in climates that need the crop to mature early to avoid the end of season fall inclement weather. CANVAST suggests this cultivar for our South East farmers that utilize staggered planting and harvesting schedules. We also consider Orange Peel a superb option for indoor or greenhouse production.