Revita 5-4-5 40 LB. Bags
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Revita 5-4-5 40 LB. Bags


Widely used by the finest organic growers in the Mid-West!

For healthy crops nutrition is everything. To simultaneously grow and support photosynthesis and natural defenses, plants need to be fed.  With proper nutrition we have seen how plants can outgrow pests.

ReVita Pro 5-4-5 is an easy to use blend of:

  • Layer-hen manure composed for 7 weeks (not heat treated) to enrich with microbes and microbial biochemicals
  • Concentrated sea kelp to provide minerals and growth stimulants
  • Humate to help in absorption through cell membranes
  • Boosted by feather meal, bone meal and sulfate of potash

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Our Hemp Resource Agents are here to support you. We want each farmer to feel supported as if they have their own consultant, on-call, that leads them through their growing season and post-harvest solutions. Our Hemp Resource Team can suggest Integrative Pest Management Solutions and the Nutrients/Amendments you need for a successful harvest.


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