The Twister T4 helps alleviate the pressure by adapting to the variability in cultivar characteristics, like flower quality, size, and density keeping you on top of your harvest schedule so you can focus on other aspects of the business.

Twister T4 Single Barrel with Leaf Collector


Available for dropship only. Please call us directly for availability on this product 615-219-9141

This is a great machine for consistent throughput in commercial post-harvest operations.  Ideal for farmers or raw flower handlers that seek equipment that is easy to clean and operate, with the ability to add trimmers in tandem.  For processing of more than 300 pounds.


With Aluminum Stand and Trim Saver $10,850

Stainless Steel Barrel and Leaf Collector $15,285

Stainless Steel Barrel with Trim Saver $17,850

*23 pounds wet per hour

*7 pounds dry per hour

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