Triminator Mini Dry Portable Bud Trimmer

  • $2,795.00


Height: 21 in.
Width: 13 in.
Length: 18 in. 

Weight: 32 LBS 

AC Voltage: 120 V 

WATTS: 50 

LBS/HR up to 2-5 

AMPS Required; Dedicated 15A CIRCUIT

Portable, versatile, easy to use. Trim anywhere your harvest takes you with Triminator Mini Dry. This award winning portable bud trimmer offers commercial grade quality, an excellent trim and it’s built to last. Trims up to 2-5 pounds an hour and offers optional kief tumbler kit to maximize productivity.

Proprietary material reduces need for lubricants and reduces friction by eliminating metal on metal interfaces. Pure Trim technology keeps the product cooler, which reduces resin loss and stickiness, and produces the highest clarity extracts.