2023 Wholesale Price Policy

Wholesale Portal MOQ Fee

All Canvast orders placed through the Wholesale Portal have a MOQ of $250. If the order placed is below this threshold there will be a $25 fee added to the invoice.

Case Pricing Policy

A case price is set for all products with the fewest number of a given product that can be sold per SKU. Retailers will need to purchase in multiples of the case size designated by Canvast. 

Split Cases Fee

All Canvast products are sold in designated case sizes and pre-packaged for shipment. For purchases involving less than a case, a set Split Case Fee will be included. We truly prefer not to split cases but in the event that this must happen, a fee will occur. This fee is $12.95/per case and subject to adjustment on a quarterly basis.


Canvast Guarantee

Canvast Guarantee (B2B)

Canvast Supply Co. offers a 60-day guarantee on all products purchased through our Wholesale program. This automatically applies to all products from date of delivery, unless specifically stated otherwise via an advertised discount or promotional value. We are extremely confident in our products and want you to be just as confident. If our products have not sold, within 60 days of delivery, an exchange for other Canvast products will be honored to ensure we find the right fit for you and your customers. 


B2B Return Policy

All non-damaged product sales are final. Canvast does not accept returns but does reserve the right to make exceptions on a limited basis. See our Canvast Guarantee above for more information. 


Damaged or Defective Products Policy

Canvast Supply Co. will review any damaged or defective hardware products to determine an exchange. We will consider exchanges when a hardware product, such as a battery or cartridge is broken, faulty connection, or leaking. Canvast does not replace “clogged” cartridges.


Expired Products

Canvast Supply Co. is not responsible or liable for products past the stated expiration or best by date. Canvast controls all inventory on a FIFO (first in first out) basis to avoid products expiring on your shelves — we ask you as the retailer to do the same. To support you in best managing your inventory we have several resources for you. Learn more HERE.

If a Canvast product has surpassed its best by or expiration date and was purchased within the last 90 days, an exchange of the product may be honored. To be eligible for exchange, Canvast must be notified and the product returned within 15 days. Once the product is received, a replacement package will be shipped.