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  • How Are the Smokable Hemp Bans Affecting the Markets?

    Bans on smokable hemp flower have recently begun to surface in an alarming number of states. How are they affecting the markets?
  • What Are Hemp Terpenes

    To answer this question accurately, one must first ask, what is a terpene? Terpenes are found everywhere in the world, not just the cannabis plant.  Keep reading for the full intel on terpenes and their use in the industrial hemp market.  Terpene Classification There are several plant and insect...
  • The Latest on the Industrial Hemp Market—2020

    With projections to blow past $26 billion by 2025, it's time to get familiar with the research and acquainted with the hemp market trends, insights, and recent developments.
  • Growing Hemp: How to Identify the Sex of Your Plants

    My first year of farming hemp was filled with lots of anxiety about correctly identifying male flowers. I quickly learned that sexing plants are crucial to harvesting premium flower. It will make a difference when trying to land a buyer or getting the value your hemp crop deserves. Learning how to identify the early stages of flowering and identifying male vs. female flowers will hopefully relieve you of the same anxiety.

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