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Lifters™ CBG and Yerba Maté Gummies

Need A Daily Energy Boost?

  • Energize Your Day with Yerba Maté
  • Mental Clarity* with CBG
  • Calm Your Stress* with CBD

Drifters™ CBN with L-Theanine Gummies

Have Trouble Sleeping?

  • Find Relaxation with L-Theanine
  • Deep, Restful Sleep* with CBN
  • Fight Inflammation* with CBD

Shifters™ Delta-9 with Elecrolytes Gummies

Looking For A Little Fun?

  • Boost Hydration* with Electrolytes
  • Find Daily Calm* with CBD
  • Shift Your Perspective with Delta-9 (Yes, they're psychoactive)


Still need convincing?

"Keeps me going!"

My favorite get stuff done and energy boost gummy. These had me lifted all day. Clear, focused and energetic without any crash. Delicious!

✓ William B. Verified Buyer

"Oh so nice."

Smooth, consistent, and immensely pleasurable. Plus, they taste good too.

✓ Leslie W. Verified Buyer

"Great for workouts."

I am in love with the lifters for my workouts and runs. The Yerba mate gives me a little boost and the CBG allows me to have a little lift when lifting and running. 10/10 these live in my gym bag.

✓ Deanna C. Verified Buyer

Frequently Asked Questions

No. We didn't trick you by signing you up for a subscription. We're just a small business trying our best to introduce life changing cannabinoids to everyone. We simply hope you return the favor and come on back to us when you're ready for more — or let your friends know about us by letting them try us too.

Delta 9 gummies promote a shifted state of mind, light euphoria, and a sense of clarity. We created our Shifters™ Delta-9 Gummies with a full spectrum blend of CBD and hemp derived Delta-9 THC with the added benefit of electrolytes. Delta 9 gummies do alter your state of mind. We highly recommend starting with a low dose (1/4 or 1/2 of a gummy) and waiting several hours to gauge your optimal dose.

CBG has no psychotropic effects, so it will not give you a high. However, it's role in your neurotransmitters may result in enhanced pleasure and motivation, and may help with regulating sleep and appetite. CBG is also know to support a more healthy immune system. Think of CBD and CBG (and other minor cannabinoids) like taking your vitamins.

You should take your CBN gummy within a couple hours of wanting to fall asleep. A CBN gummy can take around 30 minute to 3 hours to kick in.

CBN can be psychoactive — it is highly (no pun intended) suggested to not consume on an empty stomach or operate heavy machinery when taking this product. Experiencing this at home is best.