Breaking the Stigma of Smokable CBD Flower

Breaking the Stigma of Smokable CBD Flower

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A recent marketing report from the Brightfield Group estimates that by 2025 the U.S. CBD market could reach $16.8 billion.  

When the 2018 Farm Bill passed everyone knew CBD was about to become a phenomenon—but no one could have predicted that smoking hemp flower would also become such a hot trend.

This controversial way to consume CBD has everyone talking and some states in cahoots over the legalities, and enacting smokable hemp bans and backpedaling on what once were official rules. 

What is Smokable CBD Hemp Flower?

Smokable hemp flower is bud from the Cannabis Sativa plant with less than 0.3% THC and typically contains high CBD content. Like tobacco, it can be smoked from a pipe or smoked from a pre-roll. In addition to becoming a popular and pleasurable pastime, smoking CBD flower is also one of the quickest ways to feel the benefits of CBD. 

The inhalation of hemp flower sends cannabinoids straight to the lungs to be absorbed into the bloodstream and begin circulating throughout the body. It can reach its maximum concentration in the body’s plasma in as little as 3 minutes after consumption.

The History of Smokable Hemp Flower

A few years ago, smokable hemp exploded in European countries. After it was realized that the country didn’t forbid the sale of hemp flower, vendors flocked to the continent and so began the smokable hemp craze.

Unfortunately, this has not exactly been the case in the U.S. With the 2018 Farm Bill the rise of CBD products was expected, however, the popularity of smokable hemp truly took the government—and everyone else—by surprise. It seems this unexpected trend has unsettled many law-makers and citizens alike. 

Is Smokable CBD Flower Legal?

Depending on the state you live in, maybe yes, and maybe no. It’s possible that it is legal to buy online and have it delivered right to your doorstep, yet still, be considered illegal to smoke. 

States like Texas, Alabama, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, and Utah have smokable hemp bans currently limiting consumption. The similarities in illegal cannabis make smokable hemp flower hard to detect when compared to other cannabis flower. It all looks alike. The flower all smells alike. And from the outside looking in, you probably can’t tell the difference between the two. 

This has led to legal confusion and many problems between law enforcement who are just trying to do their job and citizens who harmlessly want to partake. Without access to proper testing kits, this may likely continue to cause issues and possibly lead to even more smokable hemp bans. Many citizens are outraged by these bans and some states like Texas are fighting for the sake of their businesses. 

How Is Regulation Confusion Impacting the Market? 

The confusion in the courtrooms is not only causing well-meaning people a whole lot of grief, but it’s also hindering the growth of the industry exponentially. As a multi-billion dollar industry, every slice of this market that is subject to oppression by these bans will indeed be negatively impacted.

Businesses that are affected by these smokable hemp bans are being forced to either shut down or pack up and move across state lines. Some argue that the language of the bans are encouraging sellers to purposefully mislabel their products to skirt the penalties. This is a dangerous by-product of what the regulation confusion is doing to the industry.

Is Smoking Hemp Pre-Roll Different From Smoking a Typical Joint?

Yes and no.

The term “joint” has been widely used in the past in reference to marijuana, but CBD joints have made their appearance into the market. Smoking hemp flower can be comparable to smoking a joint in the sense that the method of consumption looks exactly the same. Roll it. Smoke it. Feel the effects.

Joints with cannabis containing higher levels of THC have the capability to produce psychotropic effects. As mentioned previously, CBD hemp flower can only legally contain less than 0.3% THC and will never get you “high”. 


The Future of Smokable Hemp Flower

So what does the future of smokable hemp flower look like? Challenges and opportunities galore! Even though there are some current legal frustrations pertaining to smokable hemp in the U.S. the market continues to bloom. Currently (and not coincidentally) the largest markets for smokable hemp flower continue to be the states that have not otherwise permitted the lawful use of recreational or medicinal cannabis.

Smokable Hemp In Relation to Quitting Nicotine

Smokable CBD hemp has become an excellent alternative for many people who want to live a healthier lifestyle without giving up a habit they find enjoyable and relaxing. Hemp pre-rolls have the ability to provide feelings of calmness while stimulating the nervous system exactly like a nicotine-filled cigarette. The best part is these effects are delivered without the cancerous carcinogens and aren’t considered to be addictive. A recent survey of 5000 CBD consumers indicates that 24% of them had sought CBD products in an attempt to quit smoking.

Of that 24%, nearly half (47%) were successful with smokable hemp CBD products. 

With results like that, one might wonder just how much tobacco companies stand to lose if the market continues to skyrocket? Of course, all we can do for now is speculate, but, time will tell.

As the general population becomes more knowledgeable about smoking hemp cbd flower, the hope is the stigma surrounding consumption will fade. People find relief and comfort in smoking hemp. The type of comfort and relief that may not otherwise be a reality. 

By staying informed, and being proactive in spreading quality information, together we can break the stigma of smoking CBD flower.


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