Shifters Delta-9 + THCv Focus Gummies
Shifters Delta-9 + THCv Focus Gummies
Shifters Delta-9 + THCv Focus Gummies
Shifters Delta-9 + THCv Focus Gummies
Shifters Delta-9 + THCv Focus Gummies
"A clear-headed, gentle lift that’s just enough to help me focus."
Sarah C.
Verified Shifters™ Focus Gummies Customer

Shifters Delta-9 + THCv Focus Gummies

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Shifters Delta-9 + THCv Focus Gummies

3 Count Bag

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Our Shifters™ Focus Gummies are a microdose blend of THCv and Delta-9 THC with CBG, Magnesium L-Threonate and Dr. formulated Terpenes blend for energy. Flavors include a mix of Pineapple, Pear and Peach. Made with vegan and organic ingredients. Shifters™ can be used any time of day to spark a little energy, provide a gentle euphoria, and to increase focus.

What's Inside Shifters™ Focus Gummies

Microdose of Delta-9 THC and THCv + CBG

Delta-9 THC for a gentle euphoric lift. THCv for a more clear-headed, energetic and stimulating high, plus CBG for a boost in energy.

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Magnesium L-Threonate

Magnesium L-threonate is known for its potential cognitive benefits, believed to enhance memory, learning, and overall brain function by effectively crossing the blood-brain barrier.

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Shifters™ Focus Gummies feature the Focus Terpene Blend formulated by Dr. Russo — pharmacologist and pioneering researcher.

The Role of Terpenes

Focus On Your Workout.

The energetic blend of CBG with a gentle euphoria of our micro dose of THCv + Delta-9 THC — makes these a great workout companion so you can focus on your mind and body.


100% Safe

Every batch goes through rigorous testing. Third-party lab tests are available via QR code on every Canvast product, just focus your phone camera on the QR code and the results will pop up.

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Our approach to wholesale puts the success of your business at the forefront of our goals.When you work with Canvast, you'll work one on one with your personal rep for all your ordering needs.We've created a highly informative training program to train your team on all of our product andour seamless on-boarding process will have you and your team selling the Canvast way.