International Women’s Day: Women in Canna Businesses

International Women’s Day: Women in Canna Businesses

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On International Women's Day, we celebrate the remarkable achievements of women in all industries, including the rapidly growing cannabis sector. In recent years, women have played a vital role in shaping the cannabis industry, specifically in businesses related to cannabis science, cultivation, and wellness. Their contributions have not only propelled the industry forward but have also paved the way for a more inclusive and diverse future.


Key Takeaways:

  • Women have made significant contributions to the cannabis industry.
  • Women researchers have advanced cannabis science and its understanding.
  • Women possess expertise in cannabis cultivation and harvesting.
  • Women are at the forefront of promoting cannabis wellness.
  • Celebrating women in cannabis is essential for industry growth and development.

Women in Cannabis Science, Cultivation, and Wellness

Women have made significant contributions to various aspects of the cannabis industry. Let's explore how they have played a vital role in cannabis science, cultivation, and wellness.

Cannabis Science: Advancing Understanding and Potential Benefits

Women researchers have been instrumental in advancing the understanding of cannabis and its potential benefits. Their expertise and dedication have propelled the field of cannabis science forward, uncovering new insights into the complex plant and its effects on the human body. Through their research, women have contributed to the ever-growing body of knowledge surrounding cannabis, influencing its medical applications and shaping the industry as a whole.

Cannabis Cultivation: Expertise in Growing and Harvesting

Women also play a vital role in cannabis cultivation, showcasing their expertise in growing and harvesting cannabis plants. From cultivating healthy and robust strains to implementing sustainable practices, women bring a unique perspective and skill set to the field. Their knowledge and passion contribute to the production of high-quality cannabis, ensuring that consumers have access to safe and potent products. Whether it's managing cultivation facilities or overseeing outdoor grows, women are driving innovation and excellence in cannabis cultivation.

Women in Cannabis Wellness: Promoting Holistic Approaches to Cannabis Use

Women have a significant presence in the cannabis wellness sector, promoting holistic approaches to cannabis use for overall well-being. They recognize the therapeutic potential of cannabis and advocate for its integration into wellness practices. Through education and outreach, women encourage responsible consumption, balanced lifestyles, and the use of cannabis as a tool for self-care. From yoga instructors incorporating cannabis into their classes to wellness coaches guiding individuals on their cannabis journey, women are leading the way in promoting the holistic benefits of cannabis.

Women in Cannabis Features

Devin Aracena, Co-Founder and CEO of Canvast Supply Co.

An advocate for cannabis as Co-Chair of @cultivatetennessee, and a mother of two. She leads our team and others with the goal of sharing the magic of cannabis with our community here in Tennessee and further!

Christie Tarleton, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Canvast Supply Co.

An advocate for cannabis as Co-Chair of @cultivatetennessee. Christie has over a decade of experience in cannabis farming, and has also founded other brands in the wellness space. She is a mother of one and leads our marketing team with the goal of making plant magic available to everyone!

Allison Justice, PhD

Dr. Allison Justice, a Clemson University Ph.D alum, is a pioneering force in cannabis cultivation. As former VP of Cultivation, she transformed the industry with groundbreaking photobiology research, disproving myths about sole-source LEDs. Now CEO of The Hemp Mine, her hemp farm and product line thrive in 1500+ stores. Recognized by esteemed organizations, she founded the cannabis Research Coalition, uniting industry leaders for sustainable and science-based cannabis advancement.

Dr. Annabelle Manalo Morgan, PhD

Annabelle Manalo-Morgan, PhD, is a Canadian educator and scientist specializing in genetic mutations that mimic the offset effects that chemotherapy has on heart disease. With expertise in cannabinoid formulations, she pioneered cannabis integration into modern medicine and served as Chief Scientific Officer of Tikun Olam USA until starting her own company, Masaya Medical Inc. She consults on legislation and is lead on multiple clinical trials around the globe at both the government and academia level. While advocating as an international speaker for medical cannabis backed by scientific rigor, Dr. Annabelle’s focus is on a collaborative effort in translational science with contributions towards precision-based medicine. Her book "Mighty Flower" was published by ForbesBooks in February 2023 and outlines how she saved her son’s life with cannabis.


In conclusion, the contributions of women in the cannabis industry cannot be overlooked. Women have been at the forefront of innovation and success as cannabis business owners, driving the growth and development of the industry. Their expertise and dedication have paved the way for advancements in cultivation techniques, scientific research, and wellness approaches.

As cannabis business owners, women have proven their entrepreneurial skills and leadership abilities. They have demonstrated their capacity to navigate the complexities of the industry, overcoming challenges and creating successful ventures. Their achievements not only empower women in cannabis but also inspire others to pursue their passions and break barriers.

Celebrating the work of women in cannabis is not limited to International Women's Day but should be acknowledged and highlighted throughout the year. Their contributions have significantly shaped the cannabis industry and continue to drive its evolution. By recognizing and supporting women in cannabis, we foster an inclusive and diverse industry that thrives on collaboration and innovation.

In summary, women in cannabis have made remarkable strides as business owners, giving rise to a landscape that is progressive, inclusive, and inspiring. Their dedication, expertise, and entrepreneurial spirit have been crucial in shaping the industry and forging a path towards a more holistic and sustainable future for cannabis.


Why is it important to highlight women in cannabis businesses?

It is important to highlight women in cannabis businesses because they have played a significant role in shaping the industry and breaking down gender barriers. By recognizing their contributions, we can inspire more women to enter and thrive in the cannabis sector, fostering diversity and innovation.

What are some areas where women have made significant contributions in the cannabis industry?

Women have made significant contributions in various areas of the cannabis industry. They have excelled in cannabis science, conducting groundbreaking research on the plant's medicinal properties and therapeutic potential. They have also made their mark in cannabis cultivation, showcasing expertise in growing, harvesting, and maintaining high-quality cannabis plants. Furthermore, women have played a vital role in cannabis wellness, promoting holistic approaches to cannabis use for overall well-being.

How have women impacted the cannabis wellness sector?

Women have had a significant impact on the cannabis wellness sector by promoting holistic approaches to cannabis use. They have helped educate consumers about the different strains and products available, emphasizing their potential benefits for physical and mental well-being. Women in cannabis wellness have also created platforms for open dialogue, encouraging responsible and informed cannabis consumption.

What role do women play as cannabis business owners?

Women as cannabis business owners have made remarkable strides in the industry. They have shown great entrepreneurial spirit by establishing successful cannabis businesses, ranging from dispensaries to CBD product lines. Women-owned businesses bring fresh perspectives and unique products, contributing to the overall growth and development of the cannabis industry.

How can we celebrate and support women in the cannabis industry?

There are several ways to celebrate and support women in the cannabis industry. We can amplify their voices and stories by sharing their accomplishments and experiences. We can also support women-owned cannabis businesses by purchasing their products or services. Additionally, providing mentorship opportunities and fostering an inclusive environment within the industry can help empower and uplift women in cannabis.

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