How To Make Your Own CBD Gummies

How To Make Your Own CBD Gummies

The medical field, along with technology, has advanced in understanding and using plants to help with healing and therapeutic effects. We have come a long way in allowing people to make use of medical marijuana and producing more research possibilities in recent years.

One of the latest innovations by scientists and medical professionals now is the use of CBD.

What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is an ingredient or chemical that is extracted from the cannabis plant, also known as marijuana. CBD comes from the hemp plant, a relative of medical marijuana that's usually made and developed inside a laboratory.

CBD, which comes from the hemp plant, does not contain psychoactive effects that give users the feeling of being "high." Scientists have already proven that it is safe to consume and does not pose any serious public health threats to people consuming CBD.

Manufacturers and laboratories have been extracting CBD oil from these plants and turning them into gummies—also known as CBD gummies or CBD edibles. These gummies are injected with CBD, mixed with sugar and artificial flavor to turn these ingredients into candy that can produce healing benefits like pain relief or help with the digestive system.

Because CBD oil can be purchased from certain manufacturers, people can make their own homemade CBD gummies. This article will tell you the materials, ingredients, and a recipe that you will need to get started in making your batch of CBD gummies at home.

Materials you need to make homemade CBD gummies

Homemade CBD gummies are fairly easy to make. It can be a fun activity to do at home!

While it is possible to buy packages of pre-made gummies instead that are ready to eat, it may be cheaper and more accessible to make the gummies yourself instead. Making your own will also give you more freedom in adjusting the flavor of your gummy.

All you need to do to get started is make a trip to your local grocery store and collect these items:

1. Gummy molds

You can't make CBD gummies without silicone molds. Your homemade gummies can come in any shape or size, so choose a silicone mold that will be the most fun to make for you. Your local marketplace or store that sells bakery essentials should have these in stock.

If you do not have molds or you are unable to purchase them, you may use a baking dish instead.

2. Saucepan

A gummy recipe isn't complete without your small saucepan. If you don't already have this lying around your home, this material is important to purchase to get started. If you want to make packages of homemade CBD gummies, you may need more than one of these in your possession.

3. A whisk and a funnel

You will only need to whisk for a very short minute. However, if you do not have this in your kitchen, you can improvise by using two forks held together.

Cooking and baking have always required precision. While it isn't a complete requirement, the funnel will help in preventing messes.

4. Mitts

Making healthy CBD gummies will require a lot of heat. Oven mitts can help with these, but you may also simply use a thick towel or cloth to hold the hot pots and pans.

5. Baking sheet

You will need the baking sheet as the last material in the process. This is where you'll set your gummy mold to cool in the refrigerator or freezer.



Ingredients you need to make CBD gummies

1 cup of any fruit juice or any kind of flavoring

CBD gummies won't taste great at all if you don't add any sweet flavor. You can make this gummy recipe with any flavors you choose.

The easiest to pour and find is fruit juice, or make your own with fresh fruit. Have fun mixing a variety of flavors; lemon juice, apple juice, grape juice, fruit powder, or any of your favorite flavors.

You will need, however, to avoid pineapple fruit and papaya as these fruits don't have the consistencies to easily form into gelatin.

If you don't want to use juices, you can use tea flavors instead or add a dash of maple syrup. You can even try going for sour flavorings if you prefer sour candy.

Some people prefer to make CBD gummies that aren't too sweet, and this is possible by simply using flavors that are either sour or contain less sugar.

These gummies should be the type of candy that only you would be able to enjoy unless it's something that you are making for others with a different flavor profile.

2 tablespoons of gelatin mixture or agar powder for vegan options

A CBD gummy is, of course, made with gelatin to give it its candy-like consistency. There are numerous gelatin packages available in your local store, including unflavored gelatin and jello with a specific flavor to add to your fruit juice.

The latest recipes now include vegan options so if you prefer to have a vegan alternative, you can choose agar powder instead of a jello mixture. The agar powder will still be able to give your CBD gummies the texture and flavors of gelatin.

2 milliliters or your recommended CBD dosage of CBD oil tincture

At to top of the recipe is your CBD tincture. To know your recommended CBD dosage, consult with a medical professional. Each person has different dosages that they add to their CBD gummies, and it should be based on their health status.

You can purchase CBD oil from reputable manufacturers or laboratories that sell these along with lab reports on their websites. Before you purchase CBD oil, you need to remember to research the manufacturer first and be certain that they are legit, reputable, and have a long history of customers who have purchased from them as well.

Optional: Food coloring

If you are testing out some flavors and you're using unflavored gelatin as well, you may purchase food colorings instead to add pops of colors to the gummy recipe. You can be completely playful as you make CBD gummies.

This recipe can be changed according to your preferences to simply add a little fun into your CBD gummy.



The CBD Gummies Recipe

It's now prep time, so gather your materials and ingredients to make these homemade edibles. Making this CBD gummies recipe is quick and easy and it should be no trouble for people who are used to cooking and making gelatin.

1. Heat the fruit juice in low heat

Grab your saucepan and begin heating your fruit juice. Keep your fire on low heat until the juice is at a simmer. Do not bring it over medium heat and avoid boiling your juice because the heat will affect the CBD oil, which you will be adding later. Use oven mitts or a thick cloth or towel to hold the pan and avoid burning yourself.

2. Slowly add the honey and gelatin

3. Whisk gently

Do not whisk too fast or too strong, but as gently as possible until the honey, gelatin, and juice ingredients combine in the saucepan. This should only last a minute or less, and once the ingredients have combined into a gummy mixture you can turn your heat off.

4. Add the CBD oil

Carefully add in the CBD oil while whisking gently until all the ingredients have smoothly combined. Prepare your gummy mold.

5. Transfer the mixture into the mold

It is optional to use a funnel, as this can simply help you pour the gummy mixture with precision without making too much mess. If you don't have a funnel or prefer not to use a funnel, you may use a small spoon to carefully transfer the mixture.

If you don't own a mold, you may pour the mixture inside a baking dish instead.

6. Place the molds above a baking a sheet

To keep steady hands, have your baking sheet ready at the table so you won't need to carry your molds far, and keep all the mixture intact as you're transferring them to the refrigerator.

7. Leave inside the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes to set

While you wait, you can begin preparing the materials to store your CBD gummies at home. You need to use an airtight container or a mason jar to properly store your CBD gummies to last longer.

8. Remove the gummies from the mold

Great! You now have your CBD gummies all cooked and ready. You can store your CBD gummies inside your refrigerator for at least 10 days. If you enjoyed making this CBD gummies recipe, you can keep trying to make more.

If you used a baking dish instead, you can cut your gummies after they have been set. Since it's made with gelatin, it should be easy to cut them into how many pieces and how small you prefer.

You can make use of different types of mold or make different kinds of colors and flavors to keep good storage of your CBD gummies. If you want to have fun with your CBD gummies at home, you can turn them into your own healthier version of gummy bears.

How much CBD should I put?

The recommended CBD tincture dosage for you should depend on your doctor or a medical professional.

In this recipe, the least amount that you may be able to put in your gummies is 2 milliliters. However, every person has a different reaction to the gummy in their system.

You may also talk to the manufacturer of the CBD products for the recommended dosage to add to the CBD gummies recipe. As the amount will also take into consideration how many gummies you need to take within a day or whenever you are feeling symptoms of pain.

It's also important to take note of how many gummies you are trying to make. Baking and cooking are about calculation, and that's still the same when you're making a simple CBD gummy. To make it easier, use the basic recipe first and write down the number of CBD oil gummies made. When you want to make more, you can always double the recipe and adjust the dosage.

What is the shelf-life of CBD gummies?

If your CBD oil gummies are kept inside an airlocked container and kept away from moist areas or extremely hot areas, then your gummies should last you up to 24 months.

If you leave it out for too long or you live it inside a humid area, especially if it's during hot weather, you may come back to your gummies completely melted. If they haven't been melted by then, the flavors of your gummies would have altered, especially the CBD oil.

So be sure to close your container full of gummies immediately after consuming your dose of gummy to lengthen the shelf-life and give you a good stock whenever you need them. This is also important to avoid waste, even if the gummy recipe is easy and simple to make.

If at some point you find some of your gummies sticking together, you can add a bit of cornstarch into your container to pull them apart. Cornstarch is great to give them back their depth and avoid the candy being too sticky to pull apart or eat.

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Disclaimer: The information and products contained on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. You are advised to consult with your health care practitioner prior to use.

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