Nitrozyme: An Organic Plant Health Product for Hemp

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By now most hemp crops are planted in the field and well on their way into the vegetative cycle. Dark green leaves with 5 plus blades should be reaching to the skies. Depending on strain and latitude, most hemp varieties have approximately one month left to take advantage of the summer light to pack on as much size as possible.

By the second week of August, nearly every strain will have begun the transitional phase from vegetative growth to the flowering cycle. Having the correct nutrients and proper pest management program in place at the correct cycle in your plant's life will make all the difference! 

So, here's my recommendation to ensure your plants are set up for success.

Think of the hemp plant’s life cycle in stages: germination/seedling, vegetative, transition, and bloom/seed stage. Different elements are required for different phases of growth.

However, a favorite product that is helpful at most all of these stages is Nitrozymewhich provides infinite plant health benefits for hemp. 

Nitrozyme concentrate is a highly concentrated extract of a special kind of marine kelp, Ascophyllum Nodosum, which is found in the Northern Atlantic Ocean and the Norwegian Sea.

It's a natural product that is full of plant growth hormones (cytokinins, auxins, and gibberellins), enzymes, and ethylenes along with 70 trace minerals and the following vitamins: A (Carotene), B1, B2, B12, C, E, K, biotin, copper, niacin, choline, pantothenate, boron, folic acid, and folinic acid.

Using Nitrozyme during important stages of growth along with a grow or bloom nutrient can provide all the soil requirements for hemp by feeding the biology in the soil and increasing the soil health of your plants. 

Hemp Plant Health Benefits caused by Nitrozyme

When plants are dealing with stressful conditions there is a reduction in the plant hormone called cytokinin. By providing the crop with a soil drench or organic foliar spray of Nitrozyme, which is rich in cytokinin, the plant can be protected from the potentially harsh conditions it may face.

Nitrozyme binds with the cells in the plasma membrane which increases cell wall strength assisting in the plant photosynthetic capacity, thus increasing the chlorophyll content. These types of reactions to Nitrozyme increase the hemp plant’s stress tolerance and resistance to disease and drought tolerance. 

Another wonderful benefit from using Nitrozyme is the beautiful healthy hemp roots the crop will quickly develop. Applying a plant growth hormone such as cytokinin will stimulate the type of growth the plant is currently undergoing. 

For example, used as a root drench during initial transplant, Nitrozyme will stimulate root mass development and encourage a more complex root system. If applied as an organic foliar spray for hemp during the late evening summer days, Nitrozyme foliar will encourage abundant leaf and stem growth. 

Now is the perfect time to get out in the setting sun and give a nice foliar spray to help your plants take advantage of the remaining days of summer.


How to Apply Nitrozyme

Use this growth-promoting compound in combination with nutrients at most all stages of plant growth to improve Plant Yield. The timing of the application is essential. 

PHASE ONE: Hemp Germination  (3-8 days) /Seedling (1 month)

Use seed treatment to promote root growth and vigor 

First, rinse seeds in a light hydrogen peroxide bath to rinse off any living spores that could awaken from dormancy to inflict harm on a little seedling. Then add Nitrozyme To a liter of lukewarm water Stir thoroughly. Soak seeds in this solution for 24 hrs. before germinating in the usual way. This will decrease germination time and increase root development.

PHASE TWO: Hemp Vegetation (naturally this last from mid-May to mid-August)

Use a foliar spray during hemp vegetative growth

Mix Nitrozyme into room temperature water along with a few drops of a wetting agent, such as coco wet, yucca, fand mix well. Spray the plants from top to bottom soaking all sides of the leaves and stems. It is safest to spray your plants in low-light conditions or when the lights have just gone out for the dark period to avoid leaf-burn.

Use a growth enhancer 

Nitrozyme can be watered in! Be sure to mix products into water one at a time with a good stir in between each additional nutrient or additive mixed into the tank. This prevents the chance of products locking each other out. 

It is best to measure the pH to make sure the solution falls within the desired range of 5.8 to 6.3 for maximum absorption of nutrients. It never hurts to add a wetting agent to the root drench. To enhance this opportunity of growth, combine the Nitrozyme drench with Fulvic and or Humic Acids. This will cause explosive growth in the roots and shoots!

Use Mother’s Little Helper for clone production

Spray mother plants with Nitrozyme foliar about two weeks before cuttings are to be taken or immediately after taking cuttings to prepare for the next round. Doing this produces vigorous new shoot growth! Moms will be able to provide plenty of new cuttings. Use lukewarm water and add Nitrozyme Foliar along with a wetting agent. It would be safe to spray in conjunction with a light nutrient solution or compost tea. Only spray when overcast or dark.

Use a Clone Medium Preparation

Soaking the cloning medium in a Nitrozyme solution will encourage rapid root growth while providing cuttings with exceptional permeability for nutrient uptake.

Adjust room temp water to 5.5pH. Soak the medium in this solution until thoroughly saturated and then drain until approximately 20 % moisture remains. 

Use a Clone Mist

Once all cuttings are plugged into their clone medium, mist them thoroughly with a light solution of room temperature water, Nitrozyme foliar spray, and a wetting agent. Always be sure to agitate foliar spray throughout the application. 

PHASE THREE: Transition (two week period)

Once hemp plants are triggered by the dark cycle increasing its length, it takes about two weeks to see the signs. The plants’ upward growth will have slowed down and the formation of buds will have begun. This is an opportune time to foliar spray with Nitrozyme foliar. At this point in the transition cycle, Nitrozyme foliar will boost the number of bud sites it is already in the process of creating.

Repeat spray once a week for the next two weeks. That will be the last use of Nitrozyme for the crop.

Now reap the benefits!!!


Recommended Dosage for Nitrozyme

  •  For soil/coco: 1-2ml/liter. Or 1 to 1.5 gallons of Nitrozyme per acre,
  • For hydroponics: 5-10ml/liter.
  • Foliar spray: 5ml/liter. 1-pint Nitrozyme per acre
  • Seed treatment:  5ml/litre.
  • Mother’s little helper:   5ml/liter
  • Clone medium soak: 5ml/liter
  • Clone mist:  2.5ml/liter
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