Our Co-Founder's Canvast Favorites: Shifters

Our Co-Founder's Canvast Favorites: Shifters

Our Co-Founder's Canvast Favorites: Shifters

Background on Christie Tarleton

In the heart of Canvast Supply Co. is Christie Tarleton. She is a co-founder who loves the world of cannabis. She is known for her love of top-quality strains.

Christie started her journey in cannabis years back. With hands-on work and lots of study, she became an expert. Her work covers everything from growing the plant to making the final product.

Christie's Passion for Quality Cannabis Products

Christie, a co-founder of Canvast Supply Co., aims for the best. She makes sure every cannabis product at Canvast meets high standards. 

She also works to teach people about cannabis. She wants to help everyone make smart choices. Her hard work and passion have earned her trust at Canvast Supply Co.


"I believe that the cannabis industry has the power to transform lives, but only if we provide consumers with the highest-quality products and the knowledge to use them responsibly. That's what drives me every day at Canvast Supply Co."

- Christie Tarleton, Co-Founder of Canvast Supply Co.

Cannabis: A Journey of Discovery

The story of cannabis spans over 12,000 years. It began as a valuable source of fiber and food. Then, it evolved to be an essential part of medicine. From ancient lands to the present, cannabis has shown resilience and adaptation.

Around 12,000 years ago, people started farming cannabis after an icy period ended. They carried it worldwide through travels and trades. Its healing powers were noted in early texts from Egypt and Assyria. In Ayurvedic practice in India, cannabis offered relief for many health issues.

In the 20th century, the discovery of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) shed new light. It showed how cannabis interacts with our bodies. This led to findings about its impacts on the immune system and health issues. The exploration of cannabis's potential in wellness keeps moving forward.

Canvast Supply Co. is focused on high-quality products and sharing clear information. Co-founder Christie Tarleton advocates for safe cannabis use. She guides customers to choose the best options. The company's efforts help people see the true wellness benefits of cannabis.

"The journey of cannabis exploration is an ongoing one, filled with incredible discoveries and the potential to transform lives. At Canvast Supply Co., we're committed to being at the forefront of this journey, providing our customers with the highest quality products and the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their wellness."

- Christie Tarleton, Co-Founder of Canvast Supply Co.

Shifters: A Delightful Edibles Experience

The Shifters line at Canvast Supply Co. is very popular. Co-founder Christie Tarleton loves it, and so do many customers. These cannabis edibles, like gummies and hard candies, are made to bring joy. They offer a balanced experience with high-quality cannabis benefits.

Shifters Gummies: A Tasty Treat with a Twist

Canvast Supply Co.'s Shifters gummies are like no other. They're packed with important cannabinoids and each Shifters product is different. Their ingredients give a smooth, controlled effect that brings calm and clarity or a more euphoric high. Plus, they're tasty and made with natural ingredients, perfect for anyone curious about cannabis edibles.

Shifters Hard Candies: Indulge Your Sweet Tooth

Looking for something sweet? The Shifters hard candies at Canvast Supply Co. are a hit. They're infused with a special mix of cannabinoids including Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC. They're slow to kick in and gentle to wear off, ideal for a top-notch edibles experience.

Canvast puts care and quality into all their products. Christie Tarleton's drive for top-level cannabis delights shows in the Shifters collection. This makes it a favorite for those wanting a joyful, even experience with cannabis edibles.

"The Shifters Bliss gummies are my personal fav - they provide a subtle high that leaves me feeling happy and stress free."

The Art of Crafting Cannabis Edibles

Making top-notch cannabis edibles involves knowing the plant well, its parts, and how to mix them. At Canvast Supply Co., this knowledge forms the basis of creating their goods. Co-founder Christie Tarleton and her team at Canvast have really honed their skills in making cannabis edibles. They use what they know and have learned to make snacks people love.

Canvast Supply Co.'s Commitment to Excellence

Canvast Supply Co. works hard to choose the best cannabis extracts and make sure their treats taste and feel great. The Shifters gummies and hard candies show their care for quality and keeping things just right. This focus on being the best is a big reason why Canvast does so well in the cannabis world.

The Canvast crew knows it takes constant learning and new ideas to make outstanding cannabis edibles. They always check out the latest in cannabis research, trying new weed types, methods to pull out the good stuff, and how to mix it in. Their goal is to make snacks that always make their customers happy.

"At Canvast, we believe that the true art of crafting cannabis edibles lies in the perfect balance of science and creativity. It's a pursuit that requires unwavering dedication and a relentless commitment to quality."

- Christie Tarleton, Co-Founder of Canvast Supply Co.

Canvast's promise to do great goes beyond just taste and strength in their cannabis edibles. They overwatch the whole making process meticuloUsly so each batch is safe, clean, and just right. The Canvast crew teams up with labs that have an OK to make sure their snacks meet top safety, cleanness, and evenness rules.

Mixing what they know about cannabis with new ideas drives the Canvast Supply Co. folks forward in the cannabis edibles world. They aim for an unmatched experience for people who love good dope snacks.

Embracing the Wellness Benefits of Cannabis

The cannabis industry has changed a lot, with many now aware of its wellness benefits. At Canvast Supply Co., co-founder Christie Tarleton advocates for the responsible use of cannabis. They explore its therapeutic properties. The team at Canvast aims to show people how cannabis can fit into a healthy life. It offers relief, balance, and a better sense of well-being.

More athletes and famous people are publicly recognizing the medicinal value of cannabis. Former NFL player Calvin Johnson Jr., also known as "Megatron," used cannabis for his injuries. Unlike traditional medicine, it helped him recover. Another NFL player, Ricky Williams, started Highsman. This brand promotes cannabis's health benefits and equality.

NBA stars Kevin Durant and Al Harrington support cannabis. Durant invests in the industry. Harrington's Viola Brands helps Black and Brown cannabis businesses. Rohan Marley, son of Bob Marley, launched Lion Order. The brand focuses on cannabis's overall well-being effects.

Top researchers in cannabis and sports, like Dr. Sue Sisley and Dr. Ryan Vandrey, praise cannabinoids for athletes. These both benefit athletes in many ways. As more of them stand up for cannabis, it could become a big part of athlete care.

Cannabis is known for easing pain, especially for those with chronic pain. This is thanks to cannabinoids like THC and CBD. THC lessens pain perception by working with the brain and nerves. CBD helps the immune system to reduce inflammation.

Besides easing pain, cannabis can lower stress. It can make people feel calm and relaxed. Adding cannabis to your evening routine can lead to better sleep. CBN, a less known cannabinoid, plays a big role in helping you sleep better.

How you respond to cannabis depends on you. This makes a personal approach important. At Canvast Supply Co., focusing on quality and transparency is key. This approach helps reduce stigma and guides people to use cannabis wisely in their wellness routines.


Canvast Supply Co. is a top player in the cannabis field and co-founder Christie's strong drive to offer top-notch weed and educate clients has led to huge wins for the firm. The customers adore the Shifters line, which provides a great edible experience.

Christie and the company make it a point to excel in making products and focus on clients' needs. They aim to show the health benefits of marijuana. This approach has connected with more buyers. They are shifting towards this plant over traditional medicines.

With more states allowing cannabis for medical and fun use, Canvast Supply Co.'s role is crucial. They keep bringing new, quality items to the market. Christie and her team are set to stay at the top. They will change how people think about health and taking care of themselves.


What is Canvast Supply Co. known for?

Canvast Supply Co. shines as a leader in the cannabis world. It's acclaimed for its top-notch buds and THC items. The brand started with Devin Aracena, a cannabis pro with more than 20 years in the field. He loves the plant deeply.

Who is Christie Tarleton?

Christie Tarleton is a vital part of Canvast Supply Co. as its co-founder. She loves everything about high-grade cannabis. Her insight and commitment to quality make Canvast stand out.

What is Canvast Supply Co.'s mission?

Canvast is all about exploring the world of cannabis. Co-founder Christie leads the drive for responsible use. She helps people choose the best cannabis for their needs.

What is the Shifters line of products?

The Shifters line includes appealing gummies and hard candies. Christie Tarleton and many fans love them. They're made with top-tier cannabis extracts and natural ingredients for a great taste.

How does Canvast Supply Co. approach the creation of cannabis edibles?

Canvast excels in edibles through deep knowledge and artful making. Christie Tarleton and the team are masters. They use their skills to make edibles that surprise and please.

How does Canvast Supply Co. contribute to the de-stigmatization of cannabis?

Canvast helps people see cannabis in a new light. Their work educates on cannabis as part of a healthy life. They focus on quality and being open to break the old views on cannabis.

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