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What are the Benefits of Smoking Hemp or CBD Pre-Rolls?

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Hemp or CBD pre-rolls are simply pre-rolled “joints” made with CBD rich flower instead of Medical or Recreational Cannabis strains that contain high levels of THC.

Smoking a premium hemp pre-roll will not get you high, but we like to tell our friends and family that you can expect to experience a euphoric lift

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis flower, a plant with a strong history as a medicine dating back thousands of years. Today, the therapeutic properties of CBD are being tested and confirmed by scientists and doctors around the world. A safe, non-addictive substance, CBD is one of more than a hundred phytocannabinoids, which are unique to cannabis/hemp. Hemp Pre-Rolls are a great addition to your cannabis lifestyle, and you can incorporate them in many ways. 

CANVAST will also be rolling (you get it….) out premium hemp pre-rolls rich in CBG and CBN, allowing for a variety of benefits and experiences. A graphic explaining some of the different compounds is below. 

 Cannabinoids and their benefits

Hemp flower that contains high amounts of CBD offers the same benefits of other forms of CBD (tincture, edibles, capsules, vaporizing), but absorb in your body much quicker. Another advantage of smoking Hemp Pre-Rolls or Hemp Flower is the entourage effect of all present phytocannabinoids present in flower itself. These cannabinoids are in their perfect ratios as nature intended and is not isolated out through extraction. Think of it like eating an entire orange vs. taking an isolated vitamin C pill. 

 cannabinoid chart

What makes a hemp pre-roll Premium?

Now that we understand some of the basics about CBD and how smoking Hemp or CBD Flower could benefit you let’s dive into what truly makes a hemp pre-roll, premium.

One thing is certain - not all pre-rolls are made the same. There are 3 essential factors to consider when choosing the best hemp pre-roll for your enjoyment. 

  1. Pre-Roll Paper Material
  2. Hemp Flower Material inside the hemp pre-roll 
  3. The technique used to make the hemp pre-roll 

The Pre-Roll paper material is an essential part of the hemp pre-roll smoking experience. Not only does the paper hold the entire roll together, but because you are smoking the paper, it imparts a taste and experience. Depending on how the paper is produced, some are made with bleaching chemicals or artificial dyes, usually leaving the person smoking the pre-roll with a burnt or bad taste in your mouth. This paper burning can sometimes completely cover up the fresh flavor of the flower itself. The paper material will also impact the burn quality of the pre-roll - causing it to burn unevenly (a pre-roll smoker's worst nightmare)

Remember - You're not just inhaling hemp when you smoke a pre-roll, but small amounts of the burning paper, as well. 

At CANVAST we only use natural unrefined hemp paper for our pre-rolls. These smoke and burn smooth and even every time, allowing you to enjoy the premium hemp flower inside. 

Hemp Flower Material inside the hemp pre-roll ultimately is the most crucial element of a pre-roll. The material inside a hemp pre-roll can be a wide range of quality. Some material can have sticks and seeds ground up in the material - making for a harsher smoke, leaving the person smoking with a less than ideal experience. Some material can be riddled with pesticides, bugs, dead leaves. Also, the size of the ground-up material affects the way the pre-roll pulls and burns. All these components are important to question when smoking a premium hemp pre-roll. Keep in mind that some companies have been known to cut corners in the process since the material is pre-rolled. 

premium high quality hemp flower vs standard biomass low quality

At CANVAST, we take the consumption of raw hemp flower with the utmost care and importance. All of our hemp flower goes through a multiple-stage quality control process before making it to our pre-roll manufacturing process, where a second set of quality control happens. 

All of our premium hemp pre-roll material is trimmed flower only; we never use low-grade hemp biomass. We then put this flower through a unique threshing (grinding) process that allows us to remove all sticks as well as any seeds. In this process, we can control the exact particle size the material is threshed to and have it down to a science so that as it's packed into our rolls, the burn and pull is smooth and even. Because we know, there's nothing worse than a pre-roll that doesn't pull. 

Now that we know the importance of pre-roll material let’s cover the Technique used to make the hemp pre-roll. We believe this is what matters most for the true Premium Hemp Pre-Roll Connoisseur. The current market standard is to make pre-rolls using a “knock box” style machine that vibrates the ground-up material into the hemp pre-rolls. Once they’re packed, a twist or fold at the ends is used to keep it shut. This packing process can often make for an uneven burn or hard to pull hemp pre-roll.  

We are proud to offer a premium pre-roll through a unique rolling technique that gives us ultimate control over the density and consistency. In other words, our focus is providing you with a smooth and even smoke. 

Canvast Premium Hemp Pre-rolls made of premium high quality organic flowerCANVAST Introduces -  Premium Hemp Pre-Rolls for the True Connoisseur 

After a long thought out process, we have put together these premium hemp pre-rolls for your enjoyment. We feel confident that these are the smoothest smoking premium hemp pre-roll on the market. 

We have also taken the healing powers of Hemp CBD and paired it with one of our favorite supporting herbs, lavender. You’ll experience a rich and aromatic smoke that is sure to turn heads in any social setting.

Stay tuned for new blends and cultivars to drop soon!
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