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Shifters Delta-8 Vegan GummiesShifters Delta-8 Vegan Gummies
Canvast Shifters Delta 9 Gummies with CBD and Electrolytes for a shift in perspective. Perfect for a boost in energy.Shifters Delta-9 + Electrolytes Gummies
Lifters CBG + Yerba Maté GummiesLifters CBG + Yerba Maté Gummies
Drifters CBN + L-Theanine GummiesDrifters CBN + L-Theanine Gummies

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The difference between smokeables and edibles is most notably the on-set and off-set experience. Smokables have a quicker on-set (absorption of cannabinoids into your bloodstream) from the smoke interacting with the blood vessels in your lungs, however has a quicker off-set due to the way it’s processed by your body. Smokeables are great if you’re looking for quick relief but don’t need the effects to be long lasting. Edibles have a slower on-set and a slower off-set due to the cannabinoids being processed by your digestive system, making the absorption of cannabinoids into your bloodstream slower. This method however allows the experience to last longer. Edibles are great for long-lasting relief and are often a more delightful, tasty experience.

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