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"Canvast helps put a little spark back in the holidays, with the craziness of it all, its nice to pop a gummy and enjoy the season without that glass of wine. Its our way of celebrating the holidays, but better."

— Elizabeth, Verified Buyer

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We’re bringing back the PuffCo collection just in time for the holidays! Your favorite Budsy, Cupsy and Peak are all here and ready for gifting.

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I'm blown away by how effective these Delta-9 THC gummies are and how they make me feel. Like, wait, I can get these shipped to my door? This is A BREAKTHROUGH. I now have a safe and effective way to enjoy a little plant magic, and with such ease. These gummies are delicious, have no "planty" after taste and make me feel oh so good. HIGH-ly recommend 😉

A Relaxing Holiday

The Gift of Great Sleep


I've tried everything to help quiet my mind, help me fall asleep, stay asleep and not feel like a sack of potatoes the next morning. These drifters gummies do everything you could need for a good nights sleep and more - I wake up feeling like a new human the next morning. Sleep is so important and these help you get the sleep you need.