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What Our Fans Are Saying

Quality Is Far Superior

"First time trying a product from Canvast and I have to say the quality is far superior from many other CBD products I have tried. It gave me relief I needed and I’m very pleased with my purchase. Keep up the great work Canvast!"

Jake McCourt

Best Gummies Ever

"I can't speak highly enough about these gummies. Vegan, yummy, effective, and they arrive so fast. We've gotten all our friends to try them too and they're now hooked lol"

Mari Ward

Amazing Products

"Absolutely love these gummies! They work so well and are high quality. I use these for sleep aid and I only need part of gummy to do so."

Kane Cooper

Great Pre-Rolls!

"Love these pre-rolls. Delta-8 leaves you with a feeling of elation without the heading feeling of THC-9. I bought these a few weeks ago in store, and the service was excellent too!"

Amanda B.

Something A Little Extra

"When you'd like something a little extra without crossing that line these delta-8 shifters might just be what you've been looking for. There's been a lot of "buzz" lately about some great new things going on with delta 8 and now I understand why. I thoroughly enjoyed these shifters and I can't wait to get some more to share with friends."

James C.

Excellent Carts

"Buy with confidence. Worth every penny."

Donna Hiestand

Excellent Crumble!

"Phenomenal taste. Great vaporization: voluminous, clean, no residue, not harsh at all. Oh...and rather effective x) Definitely coming back for more."

Tyler W.

Have Good Sleepies!

"The Dream Drops will definitely get the job done. If you have trouble staying asleep through the night, these are the answer. I get a full night of sound sleep and wake up ready to go. Highly recommend."

Ssm G.

Dream Drops Are Super Chill

"Ok, first of all, these chocolates are the best chocolates I've ever tasted! I had to lock them away or else I would've eaten them all in one sitting, they're that good! They give a super relaxing body buzz - perfect for a Netflix & Chill situation or even to drift to sleep. Will definitely purchase again!"

Lindsay S.