The Canvast Way

Sourcing Standards

A Better Way for All

Our Sourcing Commitment

Our commitment to making products that help people always starts with the seed and soil. All of our ingredients are sourced with a high standard of safety and quality in mind. We utlilize hemp derived cannabinoids and other beneficial plant derived ingredients. Knowing who and how our ingredients were grown is something we take great pride in. As farmers and growers ourselves - we nerd out on plant and soil science and enjoy bringing this level of care to our product line.

Our Priorities

Farming Practices

Our farms often employ zero-waste cultivation techniques — meaning eliminated use of single-use plastic containers or row covers, as well as no synthetic soil inputs or artificial growing aids. We believe in regenerative agriculture. All of our hemp biomass used for extraction and formulating  is naturally grown using only organic principles as defined by the United States National Organic Program (NOP). This means no harsh, synthetic additives during the entire process: no pesticides, no insecticides, no herbicides, no petroleum-based chemical fertilizers, no hydrocarbon solvents and no irradiation.


How products are formulated provide the consistency in user experience. Choosing which ingredients to pair together and at what amounts while balancing a recipe matrix is no small task. At Canvast, all of our products are custom formulated for a desired end effect in finding your feel. This means we take time with scientists and taste makers to carefully craft the perfect end product each and every time.