Canvast Supply Co. Holistic Farm Planning Workbook and Interactive Budget

  • $150.00

Our team of seasoned growers has worked hard to bring you our comprehensive 60-page workbook with downloadable, interactive budget and season planning worksheets with production calendars. 

This beautifully illustrated workbook assists you in building your holistic farm planning goals for the upcoming season with an accompanying budget, for many years to come. 

We cover a series of topics all in an effort of guiding you to develop your overall production plan. We are believers in planning and with it feel that everyone may have the opportunity to grow this plant successfully as a hobby and/or business. 

Beginning with determining your growing goals, we will walk you through the necessary questions and timelines for a holistic approach to season planning.

Topics covered will include: 

- Production Needs 
- Soil Analysis and Synergistic Nutrients
- Equipment Checklists 
- Noxious Weed Management 
- Plant Health and Monitoring
- How to Choose Quality Genetics
- How to Grow from Seed vs. Clones
- Crop Management
- Harvest and Post Harvest Handling

This workbook is meant to give farmers a look into what our industry currently involves and how they can find their place in it.