Drifters Hard Candies with CBN and Reishi Mushrooms
Drifters Hard Candies with CBN and Reishi Mushrooms
Drifters Hard Candies with CBN and Reishi Mushrooms
Drifters Hard Candies with CBN and Reishi Mushrooms
Drifters Hard Candies with CBN and Reishi Mushrooms
Drifters Hard Candies with CBN and Reishi Mushrooms
Drifters Hard Candies with CBN and Reishi Mushrooms

Canvast Supply Co.

Drifters Hard Candies with CBN and Reishi Mushrooms

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15 Individually Wrapped Hard Candies Per Bag
Passion Fruit Rose Flavor

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Drifters Hard Candies with CBN and Reishi Mushrooms

Canvast Supply Co.

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Our Hard Candies are The New Sublingual — with a faster on-set and better absorption to find your feel, faster. Drift into deep rest with our functional blend of CBN, CBD, Reishi Mushrooms and Terpenes. CBN (Cannabinol) has been show to induce relaxation and pairs well with Reishi Mushrooms and Passion Fruit, known for their dream enhancing qualities.

Introducing Drifters™ Hard Candies

Sweet, Sweet, Sleep.

A Better Way To Deeper Sleep

Balanced Ratios

A 1:1 ratio blend of 10mg CBN: 10mg CBD to give you a sleep inducing experience. CBN is often known for its calming effects while CBD can help with everyday aches, pains and stressors.

Functional Mushrooms

Reishi mushrooms are known  for their potential to support overall well-being, potentially enhancing immune function and reducing stress.

Beneficial Terpenes

Boost your cannabinoid intake with terpenes. Drifters™ Hard Candies features a Calm Terpene Blend formulated by Dr. Russo, doctor, pharmacologist and pioneering researcher. 


Find Your Rest

Experience rest and deep sleep with our balanced ratios, powerful mushrooms and terpene blend, crafted for a restful journey — harnessing the power of nature for mood-enhancing effects. 

Unlock Better Sleep with Terpenes

Our Drifters™ CBN + CBD Hard Candies feature a blend of Myrcene, Linalool, and β-Caryophyllene. Derived naturally from plants. Doctor Formulated for more Restful Sleep.


Myrcene is a terpene abundant in cannabis and hops, known for its herbal, musky aroma often associated with sedative, relaxing effects, making it a potential aid for sleep and muscle relaxation.


Linalool is a terpene commonly found in lavender and other flowers, offering a floral, sweet aroma often associated with calming, anti-anxiety, and sedative effects.


β-Caryophyllene is a terpene found in black pepper, cloves, and cannabis, known for its spicy, woody aroma often associated with anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and potentially mood-stabilizing effects

Experience The

Benefits of Terpenes

Terpenes are organic compounds found in various plants that contribute to their distinct aromas and flavors. From mood enhancement to potential anti-inflammatory properties, terpenes may play a subtle yet significant role in holistic well-being.

The New Sublingual

Fast Acting

Brings about effects much faster than traditional edibles, which require digestion.

Better Absorption

Absorb sublingual benefits through the mucous membrane underneath the tongue.


100% Safe

Every batch goes through rigorous testing. Third-party lab tests are available via QR code on every Canvast product, just focus your phone camera on the QR code and the results will pop up.


Yes! Canvast Drifters CBN Hard Candy is a potent product that will make you feel sleepy. If you are new to trying edibles - we highly recommend waiting up to 2 hours for effect to engage.

This is an adult edible. The outcome of consuming this is edible with range for each individual. There are many factors that play into someone’s individual experience with CBN edibles. Although these sublinguals do not contain THC, CBN is in-fact psychoactive. We recommend starting low and slow and taking time to gauge your effective dose.

Ideal consumption times will vary from person to person. If this is your first time consuming an edible - we recommend staring at a time of day that you can relax and are prepared to fall asleep.

Explore the full spectrum of feelings

Find Your Feel™

A product for every time of day.
From focused mornings, to happy hour to restful nights.




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Our approach to wholesale puts the success of your business at the forefront of our goals.When you work with Canvast, you'll work one on one with your personal rep for all your ordering needs.We've created a highly informative training program to train your team on all of our product andour seamless on-boarding process will have you and your team selling the Canvast way.