Find Your Feel 15 Count Gummy Variety Bundle
Find Your Feel 15 Count Gummy Variety Bundle

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Find Your Feel 15 Count Gummy Variety Bundle

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'Find Your Feel' with our 15 Count Bags Gummy Variety Pack, to try our Lifters™ Energy Gummies, Drifters™ Sleep Gummies, Shifters™ Chill Delta-8 Gummies, Shifters™ Focus THCv Microdose Gummies and Shifters™ Bliss Delta-9 Gummies.

Our Lifters™ Energy Gummies feature a blend of CBG, CBD, and 50mg of Yerba Mate + Terpenes per Gummy to lift up your day. Our Drifters™ Sleep Gummies feature a blend of CBN, CBD, and 50mg of L-Theanine + Terpenes per Gummy to help you drift into your evening. Our Shifters™ Chill Delta-8 Gummies with Terpenes are an original bestseller and shift your perspective, our Shifters™ Bliss Delta-9 Gummies are a blend of Delta-9, 50mg of Electrolytes and Terpenes per gummy - the perfect balance of hydration and elation. Our Shifters™ Focus THCv + Delta-9 Microdose + CBG, Magnesium L-Threonate and Terpenes gummies round out the full experience of the Find Your Feel™ Bundle. 


  • (1) CBG Lifters™ Energy 15ct Gummies bag
  • (1) CBN Drifters™ Sleep 15ct Gummies bag
  • (1) Delta-8 Shifters™ Chill 15ct Gummies bag
  • (1) Delta-9 Shifters™  Bliss 15ct Gummies bag
  • (1) THCv Shifters™ Focus 15ct Gummies bag