• Building Your Farm Budget Webinar: Wednesday, April 8th

    Wednesday, April 8th: 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM (CST) Holistic Farm Planning Workshop Series: Building Your Farm Budget We're condensing all of the information we've shared throughout our series: Soil Analysis, Grow Plan, Harvest Plan, and Distribution Plan and composing it into your Holistic Farm Mana...
  • Building Your Distribution Plan Webinar: Monday, April 6th

    Guiding you through your distribution options from Contracted Growing to Consignment Agreements to Self Branding and Distribution. 
  • Building Your Harvest Plan Webinar: Friday, April 3rd

    Guiding you through your harvesting options to help you knowledgeably plan for your methods best for your farm's scale and your end product goals. Your approach to harvesting, curing and storing will lay the groundwork for your success when selling your bio-mass or product in the hemp industry. 
  • Building Your Grow Plan Webinar: Wednesday, April 1st

    When planning for your growing season and building your budget, it's important to understand your holistic goals for your farm's scale and plan for your season ahead in the field, greenhouse or indoor. Join us for our online webinar featuring Agricultural Specialists with a live Q+A session.

Holistic Farm Planning Workbook and Budget Builder

Interested in re-visiting our webinar series to download? Our webinar series comes complimentary with our Holistic Farm Planning Workbook when you purchase or receive for free with your purchase of any Seeds or Clones.