A Mother’s Guide to Serenity: Finding Your Oasis with Canvast

A Mother’s Guide to Serenity: Finding Your Oasis with Canvast

Self-care techniques for the busy parent. 

Being a parent is game-on.  On any given day you are likely to witness something as extraordinary as your child saying their first word or mastering a task they have been working tirelessly on.  On that same day, with that same child, you are also likely to lose your cool managing the monotony of being a parent…another lunch to make, another diaper-changing struggle, and yet another mid-day meltdown…it’s a lot.  While it can be joyful to give your time and space to your child, it can also leave you without room for yourself.  If you can plan ahead and seize the moments as they come, you can experience self-care each and every day.



Here are some top tips to self-care for parents.


#1 The 10-Minute List

As parents, one thing we don’t have is time.  It can sound fantastic to take yourself on a weekly date or to spend the morning journaling in bed, but it is pretty unlikely that most of us will have time to do those things on a regular basis.  In order to pepper in small moments of self-care, we have to think in different increments of time so that we can make use of it when it is available.    

Start by generating a list for yourself of things that you can do in 10-minutes that will charge your battery. 

Here are some examples:

  • Put your headphones in and listen to 2 songs that will help you channel the mood you are trying to achieve
  • Go outside with your shoes off and feel your feet in the grass, focus on your breathing and feeling grounded
  • Buy your favorite chocolate truffle and sit on the couch with your eyes closed while you eat it
  • Take a hot shower with your favorite soap
  • Drive around the neighborhood with the windows open and the music loud
  • Pour yourself a seltzer in a fancy glass and spike it with an interesting fruit juice

#2 The 30-Minute List

It’s true, as parents, most of our days are jam-packed, but if you get curious about your day, you will be surprised to find that 30-minute pockets of time are being used up by things that don’t bring value or enjoyment (social media, anyone?).  If you can find those moments and use them to fill up your tank, you will be shocked at how good it can make you feel.  Do you have 30 minutes right after your kid falls asleep that you typically use to fold clothes?  Maybe there was an opportunity for your child to “help” you fold the clothes earlier in the day, and you can repurpose that 30 minutes for something meaningful.

It’s pretty amazing what you can do in 30 minutes, here are some ideas:

  • Take a bath while listening to your favorite podcast
  • Do a facial mask and a foot massage with a nice body oil
  • Check-out YouTube to see highlights of the game
  • Go for a run, walk, or swim on a beautiful day
  • Call your friend and have a laugh
  • Write a list of things you want to do on your next date night

#3 The Babysitter List

While some of us may be lucky enough to have a babysitter once a week, others may not have a babysitter for months.  Regardless of your situation, one thing is true, when your time comes to hire a babysitter, you will want to have an amazing plan for your night out.  So, grab a pen and paper, and start thinking of some ideas to rekindle the spark you have with yourself and your loved ones.

Here are some starter thoughts:

  • Go to a restaurant opening and get the pre-fixe
  • Hit up a local art-walk and grab a drink at the bar 
  • Head to a friends house for a game night and a bonfire
  • Check out a comedy club and consider taking the stage at an open mic

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