Stay Active and Relaxed: Juggling Fitness and Festivities

Stay Active and Relaxed: Juggling Fitness and Festivities

Strategies to maintain your wellness routine.

There is something mysterious and compelling about those people in our lives who have a breezy energy and never seem stressed.  How is that possible?  Some would say it is temperament, but could it be something more in our control?  At Canvast, we believe that anyone can shift their energy and perspective with the right wellness routine.


Clarify your goal

When it comes to wellness routines, there are several things to consider.  As you are crafting your routine, be sure to think about your day as a whole.  It’s nice to set aside 30 minutes to give yourself time to journal, but if the rest of your day is filled with rushing around, you will come to that 30 minute period stressed out and unable to enjoy the downtime you have set aside.  

The goal of a wellness routine should be to keep you more relaxed and focused throughout the day so that whatever you are doing, you are fully immersed in the activity.  When you are working, you want to think about work, and when you are at the gym, you want to be focused on exercise, and not the reverse.

With that in mind, a wellness routine isn’t about adding a face mask to the end of your day, it’s about creating a relaxing day where doing a facemask is a natural next step, and not just another check on your to-do list.

Find pockets of stress throughout your day, and target them first

To make this idea possible, it’s important to start by planning.  Look for moments in your day where you are rushing around and feeling frayed, and solve those challenges first.  For instance, maybe determining what you are going to wear each day can take a long time, which can then cause you to be late for work, which wreaks havoc on the rest of your day.  Perhaps the key is doing your laundry the same day each week, and choosing outfits for the week ahead.  That way, you can approach your mornings with more control and less anxiety. 

Be your own best friend

As you look at your day, imagine you are your own best friend.  If you had a friend who was dreading their upcoming meeting, what would you do?  Get them a warm matcha to sip through the discomfort? Treat yourself with the same care.  What if they had a massive to-do list and wanted to coast through it with more focus and energy?  Maybe you would give them some of our Lifters™ Gummies.  Look for opportunities to dazzle yourself with kindness.

Look for downtime

While there is no doubt we are all busier than we ever have been, it is also true that there are moments of time that are getting swept up in activities that aren’t meaningful.  Identify times in your day and week where you are using time in a way that isn’t beneficial, and trade it for something additive.  Turn off the Netflix, and take one of our Shifters™ Delta-8 Dream Drops before embarking on a new art project.  Take a walk in nature while calling a friend in another town who is doing the same thing.  

These activities will bolster your mood and make for days where you feel more whole, less anxious, and truly well.

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