Cannabis Flower 101

Cannabis Flower 101

People have smoked cannabis for at least 2,500 years. It's been used as medicine and has been part of many religious ceremonies across the world and in many cultures. Today, the use of cannabis is becoming more and more popular. Most people who choose to smoke or use cannabis do so because of how cannabis makes them feel, such as feelings of relaxation, focus, bursts of creativity, joy and laughter. 

Uses for Cannabis

There are many uses for the various parts of the cannabis plant.

  • Seeds
  • The seeds can be crushed to release oil or ground into flour.

  • Flowers and Leaves
  • This is the part of the cannabis plant that people smoke.

  • Husk and Stalks
  • People use the fibers of the husks and stalks to make textiles that range from rop and fabric to hemp concrete and hemp wood. These materials can also be ground and used to make paper.

  • Roots
  • Even the roots of this fantastic plant are useful. They are a source of medicinal compounds when grown in organic soil and also improve soil health by acting as a bioremediator to help cleanse the soil by soaking up foreign compounds. 

    Cannabis Flower

    Smoking is one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis. When people smoke cannabis, the flower is the portion of the plant they smoke. When you smoke the cannabis flower, the effects are quick. Smoking cannabis is popular for three reasons:

  • Easy to Share
  • If you’re sharing cannabis with friends, it’s easy to pass a joint or blunt to a friend.

  • It’s Versatile
  • You can roll a joint, smoke a bowl, vape cannabis flower or even cook with it.

  • It’s Fast
  • It usually takes only a couple of seconds to a few minutes to feel the effect of smoking cannabis. The effects should dissipate within a few hours. 

  • It’s Simple and Easy
  • Preparing cannabis flower for smoking takes little time and effort. Just grind, roll, and smoke.

    There are many varieties of cannabis. Different cannabis flower can impact your body in different ways. If you're new to using cannabis, you may not know what types are available and how to use them. That's why it's so essential to build a relationship with a quality vendor. The right vendor can make every time you use cannabis an enjoyable, pleasant experience, whether it's your first time or using cannabis for years.

    We want to be that vendor for you. At Canvast supply company, we have the expertise and know-how of 15 years of organic farming experience. We specialize in premium quality hemp flower products from our partner farms and in-house brands. We stand behind our products. While we can’t offer refunds for opened products, we will do our best to make any problems right. Just give us a call; we are happy to speak with you. Let Canvast be your one-stop-shop for all your cannabis needs with our wide variety of products from CBD and Delta-8 Vapes, Gummies, Pre-Rolls and Premium Hemp Flower.

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