Cannabis Pre-Rolls 101

Cannabis Pre-Rolls 101

Cannabis Pre-Rolls 101

For thousands of years, people have been using cannabis for various ceremonial, medical, and recreational purposes. In the United States, the use of cannabis has increased recently as many state and local governments have loosened or eliminated restrictions on the substance. 

Different Uses

There are many reasons that people use cannabis. Cannabis, both marijuana and hemp, is a unique experience to each consumer. It ultimately comes down to how your body processes cannabinoids and the state of your endocannabinoid system. There are thousands of varieties of cannabis that have compounds that affect you differently -  even the same type may affect different people in different ways, depending on whether a strain is identified as an Indica or Sativa, what terpenes are present in the cultivar and what form the cannabis product is in. Some people choose to imbibe cannabis in edible or liquid form, while others prefer to consume cannabis by smoking. 

Why Pre-Roll?

For people who choose to smoke cannabis, pre-rolls make a lot of sense for convenience and cannabinoid efficacy.  A pre-roll is a way to prepare cannabis/hemp to smoke through rolling ground up flower into a piece of rolling paper (we prefer hemp rolling papers!) with or without a filter. Many companies have pre-packaged the pre-rolls experience for convenience of consumption. These consumer-ready products eliminate the steps of drying, grinding, and rolling. They offer three significant benefits to users:

  • Convenience
  • Pre-rolls come ready to use. The vendor has done all the work for you.

    • Pre-Measured

    Getting just the right amount of product into a joint and properly rolling it requires skill and proper tools.

  • Professionally Prepared
  • When you choose a pre-roll from a quality vendor, you can expect consistency and quality.

    Canvast’s flagship products include our Lifters™, Drifters™ and Shifters™ Pre-rolls. We’ve created these intentional blends of cannabinoids and botanical flowers to curate your experience. Cherry Lifters™ are a unique blend of organic CBD and CBG flower. This pre-roll features mooth cherry notes with highlights of citrus aftertones. Our Cherry Lifters™ are a perfect anytime pick-me-up.

    Lavender Drifters ™ are a synergistic combo of cannabinoids with botanicals with a unique blend of organic CBD flower and Lavender flower. This blend features dark chocolate notes with hints of vanilla and a mellow lavender finish. Smoking our Drifters™ promotes a sense of calm and anytime peace.

    Our latest launch, Shifters™, features highly anticipated Delta-8. This synergistic combo of cannabinoids is infused with Delta-8 distillate. Shifters’ experience may include a spike in creativity, positivity and activity. Our D8 Shifters™ promote a well-deserved shift in your state of mind and body.

    Curious about Delta-8 and how it’s legal? Visit our Delta-8 blog on how this incredible cannabinoid is available to the masses. 

    How do Canvast’s Pre-Rolls fare above the rest? 

    Our premium hemp pre rolls are made with USA organically grown boutique hemp that we specially cure, cut, and blend carefully packing each fresh and perfect every time. Our proprietary packing process offers a smooth, even burn unlike the typical, often used, knockbox method which often comes with in-consistent packing. 

    The team at Canvast has more than 15 years of organic farming experience with a variety of crops. They bring unparalleled expertise to the table, enabling them to produce a consistent, high quality, predictable product perfect for whatever you want to use cannabis for. Whether you’re a first timer or interested in wholesale procurement - contact us today for our premium organic hemp pre-rolls and other premium hemp smokables for the true connoisseur and CBD enthusiast. 

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