Everything You Need To Know About the PuffCo Plus

Everything You Need To Know About the PuffCo Plus

Due to the constant evolution of merchant processor requirements - we are unfortunately no longer able to sell PuffCo. online at www.canvastsupplyco.com 

This blog was originally written in April of 2021, many items have changed. Love concentrates and looking for Canvast products? Give our Delta-8 Vapes a try!


PuffCo Plus Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do I Use My Puffco Plus?

  • Click the cloud button 5 times consecutively to lock and unlock the unit.

  • Click the cloud button 4 times consecutively to change the temperature setting.(Green - Low, Blue - Medium, White - High)

  • For regular use hold the cloud button down and inhale. Pen will automatically shut off after 8 seconds of use.

  • Click the cloud button 2 times consecutively to enter Sesh Mode. Pen will stay on for 12 seconds. Press the button twice again to exit Sesh Mode.

  • Do not fire the pen more than three times on sesh mode

  • Do not use any other products with your Puffco Plus. The battery has a 510 threading. Despite this being a common thread, we do not recommend using any Puffco Plus parts with any other products.

How Do I Load My Puffco Plus?

We suggest using the Puffco dart to load the chamber. For the optimal Puffco experience we recommend loading the chamber on a per use basis. Over packing can lead to leaks and possible clogging.

Tips: For most efficient use, load a single use amount (.2g or .3g) onto the dart, put pen in “Sesh mode,” use until chamber is empty. Refill chamber per use. Hold pen vertically to ensure contents heat efficiently. When the battery is low, vapor production may be reduced. A full battery will provide the best result. A variety of substances and consistencies can be used in the Puffco Plus, as long as they are not super runny, sappy or in liquid form.


How Do I Charge My Puffco Plus?

The Plus battery light will flash 10 times to indicate that the battery needs to be recharged.  In order to charge the Puffco Plus battery use the charger included in your Puffco kit. Plug the charger into any USB outlet for power. Screw the battery onto the opposite end of the charger.

If the pen is not fully charged the battery will display a white light when the battery is attached. Once the pen has completed charging, the light will blink green and turn off. When an uncharged battery is screwed onto the charger, the charger light will change from green to red. You can remove the battery by simply unscrewing it from the charger. Charge the battery at a wall unit for best results. The battery light will flash 10 times to indicate that the battery needs to be recharged. Super chargers are expected to fully charge a depleted Plus battery in under 35 minutes.

How Long Should My Battery Last?

The Plus battery should last an average of 30 Sesh Mode cycles on its highest setting. Frequent use on the highest (white) setting and/or Sesh Mode will deplete the battery more quickly. If this is not what you are experiencing, we first recommend that you check that the same issue occurs with both atomizers provided in your kit. Then clean the gold connection pins between your battery and atomizers with a cotton swab dipped in ISO to alleviate any connection issues that may be occurring between the two. Sometimes even the smallest bit of debris can cause a bad connection which stops the pen from working or charging at its full potential. Please keep in mind that our new Plus atomizer technology does draw more current from the battery than that of the Puffco Pro, reducing battery life quicker. If you were to use your Pro atomizer on the Plus battery, the battery life would be much similar to our older model if not better.



What Is The Puffco Plus Used For?

The Puffco Plus is designed for use with essential oils. A variety of substances, consistencies, and flavors of essential oils can be used in the pen, as long as they are not overly runny, sappy or in liquid form. Dry herbs can also damage or short the chamber and we highly advise against using any type of dry herb in your Puffco.

What Is Sesh Mode?

Click the cloud button 2 times to enter Sesh Mode. Pen will stay on for 12 seconds without holding the cloud. Press the button twice again to exit Sesh Mode. Do not fire the pen more than three times consecutively on Sesh Mode.

Can I Use My Plus Battery With E-Cig Atomizers?

While the most practical use of a Puffco is the Puffco battery with the Puffco chamber attached you can use your battery with an e-cig atomizer as long as that atomizer has the same 510 threading that is used on your pens battery. Our Plus battery puts out 2.7v on Green, 3.2v on Blue and 3.7v on White. Make sure you keep this in mind as many e-cig batteries are used on a higher voltage than our battery produces.  

Can I Use My Puffco Plus Atomizer With Other Batteries?

While the Plus’ chamber is 510-threaded, we do not recommend pairing it with non-Plus batteries, as this may compromise the lifespan and functionality of both the battery and chamber. The Plus chamber requires an extreme level of power and strength to deliver the large, focused heat as its designed -- that power and strength can only be provided by the carefully calibrated Plus battery. You should NOT use the Plus chamber with any other batteries.

Cleaning and Troubleshooting

How Do I Clean My Puffco Plus?

For general cleaning, warm the chamber by entering Sesh Mode for one cycle. Unscrew the mouthpiece. Use a tightly wound cotton swab to remove remaining byproduct in the chamber and on the Dart. Wipe threading. Repeat if necessary. It is normal for the bottom of your Plus chamber to blacken or darken over time, just as a ceramic nail typically would after some use. This should not in any way affect the overall performance of the chamber Itself. The mouthpiece, battery and threading can be cleaned by wiping with a cotton swab dipped in ISO. Do not soak any gunmetal parts of the Puffco Plus in rubbing alcohol.

How Often Should I Clean My Puffco Plus?

We recommend cleaning your Plus with the included instructions every few uses to prevent any build up in the vapor path. If you are a heavy Puffco user, be sure to clean the threading and connection pins of your unit with a cotton swab dipped in ISO somewhat regularly to avoid any contacts from getting sticky. 

How Do I Clean My Dart?

The dart is held into the mouthpiece by a small black silicone grommet making it removable, for easy cleaning. Be fairly gentle as the dart itself is made of ceramic. To remove the dart you can push it out of the mouthpiece by pushing through the top of the mouthpiece with a cotton swab. The dart itself can be cleaned using ISO, though you should not soak any gunmetal parts of the unit in any alcohol based cleaning solutions.

My Chamber Is Not Heating, What Do I Do?

If the battery is functioning as intended and your chamber won’t heat you may be experiencing a connection issue. In this case we always recommend cleaning the gold connection pins located on the top of the battery and the underside of the chamber. This can be done with a cotton swab dipped in ISO and will help alleviate any connection issues occurring between the atomizer and battery. Sometimes even the smallest bit of debris can prevent the pen from functioning at its full potential.

My Battery Light Just Flashes When I Try To Use It, What Should I Do?

This is usually the result of a connection issue. Sometimes even the smallest bit of debris can cause a bad connection which stops the pen from working at it's full potential.  To start, we recommend that you try cleaning the gold connection pins between the battery and atomizer to alleviate any connection issues that may be occurring between the two. This can be done with the wipe of a cotton swab dipped in ISO. You should also make sure the connection between the battery and charger is just as clean so that the battery can fully charge.


My Chamber Is Clogged, How Do I Fix It?

Although unlikely, with extended use it is possible for clogging in the chamber to occur. Please also keep in mind a variety of substances, consistencies, and flavors of essential oils can be used in the pen, as long as they are not overly runny, sappy or in liquid form. To alleviate clogs you can unscrew the mouthpiece and hold the pen upside down over a paper towel or hold the pen upside down using your Prism, initiate Sesh Mode for a cycle or two allowing any bi product to drip out of the holes in chamber. You may have to repeat this process a few times depending on how heavy of a clog you’ve experienced. If this is the case, let the pen cool every 2-3 Sesh Mode cycles as the pen will get warm!

My Atomizer Has Been Leaking Product Through To The Battery, How

Do I Prevent This?

The Plus was designed for efficiency and strength, so stick to smaller loads (.2g/.3g) at a time and refill per use for the optimal experience. Also, keep the pen vertical especially when warm - There are small holes on the walls of your chamber that help promote airflow throughout, however if the contents inside the chamber are hot they may leak through these holes if the pen is not held upright. The battery and threading can be cleaned of any leaked product using a paper towel or cotton swab dipped in ISO. That should help alleviate any sticky mess and should not affect the performance of the battery itself.

PuffCo Warranty

What does the Limited Warranty Cover?

Puffco provides one year of coverage for only the electronic base & battery. This covers defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of original retail purchase. Puffco does not warranty glass, atomizers, normal wear and tear, or damages caused by accident or abuse. To obtain service, email support@puffco.com or go to Puffco.com/warranty. You will be required to provide proof of purchase details and the device itself when making a claim under this warranty. Do not attempt to open the Puffco Peak base. This will immediately void the warranty for your product.

How long is the product warranted?

The Limited Warranty Period begins on the date the product was purchased by the purchaser and lasts for one year. A claim under this warranty is only eligible if it is made within the Limited Warranty Period. Repaired, replaced, and refurbished products are covered for the remainder of their original applicable Limited Warranty Period or 30 days, whichever is longer.

Will the limited warranty always apply?

This Limited Warranty shall NOT apply:

  • To any Puffco-branded Products that are resold by the Purchaser or that are purchased from

unauthorized resellers or unauthorized retailers. Puffco does not authorize resellers to sell on online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay or Walmart.com.

  • Where a Product’s lack of performance is due to the Purchaser’s failure to properly maintain the Product. Purchasers should note that atomizers are replaceable parts with an expected life of 1 – 3 months, depending on usage, and they require regular cleaning to maintain functionality. 

Please visit https://www.puffco.com/pages/support for support.

  • If the Product has been used with aftermarket accessories such as mouthpieces that have not been approved or endorsed by Puffco.
  • If damage to the Product is cosmetic, including scratches and dents, or if lack of performance is caused by normal wear and tear or normal aging of the product. Limited Warranty does not cover the standard performance degradation of batteries.
  • If Puffco determines that the Product has been improperly used, altered, or tampered with in any way. 

Purchaser assumes the risk or liability for loss arising from misuse, alteration of Product, or failure to follow instructions provided in user manual.

  • If warranty claim is made fraudulently or by misrepresentation.
  • If the serial number on the product has been deliberately altered, defaced, or removed.

How will PuffCo make things right?

If a valid warranty claim is made during the Limited Warranty Period, Puffco will repair or replace at its sole discretion, any defective Product free of charge. Replacement products may be a refurbished or a reconditioned Product of the same model. All Products and parts that are replaced become the property of Puffco. Puffco can only ship replacement or repaired products to the country where the original Product was purchased.

What should I do if I think my product is defective?

If you have a question about your product or experience a problem with it, please go to https://www.puffco.com/pages/support. You will find online support tools and information to help you with your product.

To request service under this warranty, contact Puffco at support@puffco.com or puffco.com/warranty, and a Puffco representative will provide instruction on how to proceed.

To make a claim under the Limited Warranty, you must provide the defective Product and a copy of the original receipt of purchase to Puffco for inspection. The receipt of purchase must indicate the product purchased, price paid, date of purchase, and name of merchant.

To make a claim under the Limited Warranty, you must also obtain an  Return Merchandise

Authorization (RMA) number from Puffco Support before returning a product. Products returned without an RMA number are not processed and will be returned to you or destroyed. Puffco will provide a pre-paid shipping label for purchasers within the United States. International returns must be paid for by the customer.

Returns must go to the address included on the return label or provided by Puffco Support. If items are returned to any address other than the specific address provided by Puffco Support, Puffco cannot guarantee that the item will be located and processed for warranty support.

Please return only the part specifically requested by Puffco Support, not the entire device.

Postal service carriers require that all items be cleaned prior to mailing. If items are mailed to Puffco uncleaned, Puffco will, in its sole discretion, either dispose of the item or charge a $100 cleaning fee before returning the item.

We can no longer sell PuffCo online, but we do ship premium vapes to your door!

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