Introducing our Lavender Drifters™ Premium Pre Rolls

Introducing our Lavender Drifters™ Premium Pre Rolls

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The rebirth of widespread hemp use is a miracle that took an entire century to unfold. Once again, the medicinal properties of hemp and specifically CBD that had been so long forgotten are spreading their healing to every part of the U.S. The consumption of CBD flower has become so popular that you will find CBD pre-rolls sold in almost every area of the country now.

Smokable hemp pre-rolls are simply finely-ground hemp that is rolled into a thin smokable roll. For a discrete experience, they are sometimes filtered to resemble normal cigarettes. The amounts of CBD in a pre-roll vary but they contain less than 0.3% delta 9-THC according to the legal requirements of the 2018 Farm Bill. Only adults above 18 years of age are allowed to buy CBD pre-rolls. Unlike CBD cigarettes, these pre-rolled joints contain significant amounts of cannabidiol. 

Why lavender?

An increasingly popular blend of pre-rolls consists of premium, organically grown hemp flowers with dried organic herbal flowers like lavender. For centuries, beautiful and vibrant purple lavender flowers have been cherished for their incredible aromatics and therapeutic properties. Its infused tea and extract has been widely used to improve mood disorders, improve skin health, boost sleep and soothe muscle pain. This is attributed to a compound known as linalool which is a naturally occurring terpene found in a number of flowers and spice plants. The combination of premium hemp and lavender flower in a pre-roll definitely delivers enhanced benefits from both worlds. 

The benefits of a premium smokable pre-roll with lavender

Hemp pre-rolls are tightly rolled which makes it easy to light and smoke with an even burn. It also burns slowly and does not go out right away even when laid down for a bit. Being pure organic, the taste is light, sweet and smooth yet still strong enough to fulfill the smoker’s desire. With no chemicals, it does not have the smelly and disruptive smoke that is associated with cigarettes. 

Instead, there will be a slight aroma/taste accompanied by a comfortable euphoric and relaxed feeling. You can smoke lavender pre-rolls around non-smoking friends because they will not be bothered by the nasty smell- not even from the ashtray. Pre-rolls also come in nice packaging and it is a great alternative for those who want to quit smoking cigarettes or cut down on the herb.

Improve your pre-roll experience

Thousands of high CBD strains and products are emerging in the market today. The secret to determining a good hemp strain is to look at their terpene profiles. A premium hemp pre-roll contains the two common terpenes, myrcene and caryophylene. They are responsible for the spicy scent of premium quality hemp flowers and the entourage effect. Also consider the paper that your hemp is wrapped around because you are not just inhaling the hemp and lavender flower. Hemp and herbal pre-rolls are convenient but they are novel in the industry. 

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