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How To Refill A Vape Pen Cartridge

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Vape pens are slowly growing in usage as the years go by because of their convenience and because it is less dangerous to use than regular cigarettes. While others seek cannabis as a form of healing or therapeutic purposes, some would like to use cannabis for recreation.

A vape pen allows the user to do this while preventing more harmful effects that using a cigarette would typically render. It's also more cost-effective because of its ability to refill the juices with various flavors. Shop Canvast's full selection of premium Shifters Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridges to find the feeling that is perfect for you!

As the world slowly becomes more environmentally conscious, the multiple amounts of cigarette butts found in the environment are no longer tolerated. That's how vape pens became more largely used and advertised for uses that find the need for this recreational activity.

Users can easily save money and produce less waste by refilling their vape pens instead of buying expensive disposable cigarettes.

A new vape pen user may be unsure of how to properly handle their device, especially when it comes to refilling their vape pen cartridges.

Before this article can give you a comprehensive guide on how to refill a vape pen cartridge, the following will be sure to also give you an understanding of your vape pen and the best practices that you can remember when you are ready to refill your pen cartridge.

Vape pens and cartridges

There are multiple forms of vape pen cartridges on the market. You will need to find one that suits your style and needs while taking note of its affordability. You'll immediately see that the most common is the 510-thread cartridge which works with all 510-thread batteries. This is the recommended type for beginner users.

Though there are other vape pens in the market that look similar to the most common ones, they may not act the same way, so it's important to read the instructions of your pen before using it.

As you buy your vape pen, you should also make sure that it comes with a refillable cartridge. Some will already have pre-filled cartridges as you purchase with a generic vape juice available in the same store.

With that out of the way, here's your guide to changing your cartridge with ease. As you may be doing this quite often, you can save this article as you slowly improve and memorize your way into refilling without making any mistakes. You may also search for instructional videos to give you a better and hands-on guide.

Don't worry as refilling your cartridge is not overly complicated, all you need is to handle your device with care and do everything as gently as possible to avoid breaking your device.

The structure of the vape pen

Besides just knowing how to refill your vape cartridges, you should know more about your devices as understanding your pen will allow you to take care of your device properly. It's not just about being able to vape, but being able to keep your device in the long run without breaking it and needing to spend money on a new device.


From the name itself, this is where the vapor comes out. In various types of vape pens, you will notice the difference in width that the mouthpiece will have. Some mouthpieces will have wider gaps in their width, while some are narrow in shape, this determines how much flavor you'll be able to experience. You should purchase the vape pens that give you the most comfort in the mouthpiece.


This is what makes vape pens produce less waste because of their ability to be reused. The charger is what allows the pens to work, otherwise, it will not be able to function as is.


How can juice turn into the puffs of clouds you see whenever you exhale with your pens? That's what the atomizer does. The atomizer turns the juice, whether it's regular oils or juices, or CBD juice, the liquid will turn into its gaseous state as the atomizer will heat the juice for the vape to come out.


The tank is your cartridge. It is where the oil or juice is stored. This chamber is usually made to be clear for you to easily see whenever you're refilling the cartridge and to find the max fill line. To put it into comparison, the tank is like your fuel.

One cartridge is usually enough for others, but if you have turned into the hobby, you may already begin stocking up another vape cartridge with varying flavors and oil. You may purchase a new cartridge in any vape store, with already being filled with oil instead of an empty one. A store will also give you choices from the most basic flavors to quality flavors, and even ones containing cannabis.

1. Unscrew the mouthpiece

The first step is to gently unscrew or unbolt the mouthpiece of your vape pen. Rotate it counterclockwise until it comes loose, but never force it to come off. Before going any further, you should be aware of your device's structure by now.

If you force your vape pen's mouthpiece to come off or turn it in the wrong direction, you will affect the vape pen's thread that holds the gasket in place. The thread holding the gasket is preventing the device from producing any leaks.

It's also wise to note that not all pens are the same, so you should still read the instructions of your vape pen just in case it has a different approach to opening the mouthpiece.

2. Open the cartridge

You finally get to the nitty-gritty. Before any of this, of course, you should have already bought a new cartridge or the juice that you will use to replace the insides. Depending on your device and its instructions, you will be able to open the cartridge by twisting the parts.

Remember to be careful with your cartridge and void leaking products. You can clean any spill with a cotton swab or a cloth, but avoid washing anything with soap or weather to prevent breaking your vape pen.

3. Refill vape cartridge

Now that you have your empty vape cartridges, you can begin carefully replacing their contents. You can easily buy e-juice or fresh oil from a health food store. If you are looking to do cannabidiol recreationally, then you may be able to purchase some THC juice.

There are also different methods to refill your vape pen cartridge, here are some of the tools that you can use with your refillable cartridges and how to use them:


The syringe is the most common type of tool that you can use to refill your vape pen cartridges. However, you will need a steady hand to avoid any spills. You may be able to buy a syringe in your local pharmaceuticals.

Leave your cartridge attached to the battery to give you a better holding while you're refilling. Fill the syringe with the oil or e-juice of your choice then gently push the tip into your vape cartridge and fill it up until the maximum line. Most cartridges will have it indicate how much oil or e-juice they can store.

If you were to spill, you can remove the oil and vape juice gently with a swab or cloth. Don't worry if you did make a mess during your first try, as it comes with the process of learning how to refill your e-cigarette.

Medicine Dropper

This is another common tool if you do not have a syringe available. It will act the same as how you would use a syringe when refilling your vape pen, but it will not be as precise.

Before you use the medicine dropper on your vape cartridge, check how thick the drop would be on a piece of cloth to measure how gentle you'll have to be when filling up your cartridge. This practice can help you ease into the item to avoid any leakage.

If you are using distillate oil, you will need to heat the distillate first before you use a syringe to fill up your cartridges. Be careful not to heat it too much and only just enough for your syringe to do its work.

To conclude, remember not to overfill your cartridge. If you have accidentally gone over the maximum line, you may pour out the excesses carefully to maintain the max fill line.

Besides these two most commonly used items when refilling your cartridge, you may also want to use eye droppers or straight from the vape pen bottle.

4. Reassemble your device

You have finally accomplished filling your vape cartridge. Now it's finally time to reassemble your device. After you've capped your cartridge, you can take your mouthpiece and screw it back in a clockwise direction. As always, be gentle with your device. If it's attached to the battery, it should be easier to maneuver your pen.

With that, you now have your vape pen with fresh juices. If you did spill during your first try, don't worry about it as over time you will be able to do it on your own without an accidental overfill or any leakage. In the long run, you can refill the cartridges on your own and it will all seem like muscle memory to you.

If you will still be unsure in the future, you may also watch videos online to give you a demonstration on how to refill your vape pen or visit your local store to let them show you how it works.

Storing your vape pen cartridge

As you pile up your cartridges to accommodate the various oil that you would like to fill them with, there is also a proper way to safely store your cartridge to avoid bacteria to come in contact with it and to make it reusable for years to come.

Store them vertically

Since you have already invested in a pen, you may want to consider investing in storage or a box for your cartridge and the syringe that you'll be using to refill them with oil. When you store them, make sure that they are standing upright in a vertical position rather than lying down to prevent breaking or spilling the cartridge.

Cartridges are made with fragile material and if you want to avoid purchasing a new set of cartridges, then you need to handle these with care.

Store in cool areas

You would want to maintain the material for as long as possible, and for that to happen, you will want to store your cartridges and device in a cooler area. Avoid direct sunlight for your device and if you must leave it, make sure it is in a well-ventilated location. You can't also leave it in an area that's too cold, but on a shelf that's just right in temperature.

For the juices or oil, especially if it contains any THC or cannabis content, you wouldn't want it to be exposed to harmful sunlight or too much moisture so it doesn't contaminate the contents and have any unwanted bacteria.

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